Fall In Love With The Jean Dousset Difference

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: August 12, 2022
Fall In Love With The Jean Dousset Difference


When it comes to making a purchase as major as your engagement ring, the stakes are high, and sometimes, you can’t help but feel like the engagement ring you want — one that’s timeless, special, personalized to you — might seem impossible, and will require you to make some sacrifices on what you want along the way.

At Jean Dousset, our mission is to make your search for your dream ring as effortless as possible. From our unique heritage infusing our approach to craftsmanship, design, and quality, to our passion for creating personalized designs, everything we stand for is centered on creating the best experience for you.

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Our Heritage

Jean Dousset embodies the spirit of one of the most iconic jewelers of all time, Louis Cartier, who is the great-great-grandfather of our very own founder, Jean Dousset. Born in 1875, Cartier dedicated his life to the pursuit of crafting innovative jewelry keepsakes and defined history by establishing his family’s namesake brand (that we now recognize as one of the most esteemed, influential jewelry houses globally).

Jean, inspired by his great-great-grandfather, became a master of impeccable craftsmanship himself. After years of working in the high jewelry space, he noticed the engagement ring shopping experience lacked personalization and modernization. So, determined to fill this blank space, Jean brought his namesake brand to life.

Jean’s vision for the brand? To bring traditional artistry to modern couples through accessibility, transparency, and high quality. Jean saw that the internet ushered in a spectacular opportunity to create a shopping experience that truly empowered customers to make informed shopping choices they could feel confident about, and he believed the curtain of a very traditional jewelry world and diamond industry could be drawn back.


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Our Mission

In more recent years, Jean noticed yet another gap in the industry; everyday newlyweds-to-be had very few options when it came to finding a diamond engagement ring that matched their budget and desire for a personalized, high-quality design. Instead, shoppers were forced to make sacrifices in quality, affordability, and size.

So, galvanized by the belief that true luxury should be accessible to all, Jean welcomed the future of diamonds. In 2020, he launched Oui by Jean Dousset — a tenant of the Jean Dousset brand featuring made-to-order, high-quality lab-grown diamonds that are not only affordable but meticulously crafted, too, and always personalized to the couple who purchases them. With Oui, Jean Dousset launched the first luxury lab-grown diamond jewelry collection and hasn’t looked back since. Our motto: Luxury evolved. Forever for less.


Crafting a Seamless Halo® engagement ring

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Our Design Philosophy

Enamored by the days when “luxury” meant true quality and personalization through and through — from design detail to the customer experience — Jean and his team of craftsmen design exquisite diamond engagement rings that are characterized by their 360-degree beauty.

This means that unlike engagement rings by other designers, a Jean Dousset creation is crafted in consideration of how the design appears on the hand in motion — uniquely ensuring that every Jean Dousset creation remains beautiful no matter the angle it’s viewed from. Each of our designs highlight the unmatched beauty of your diamond, minimizing any bulkiness or unnecessary precious metals through unique design features, such as our clawed prongs, tapered bands, and our iconic Seamless Halo® setting.

Each ring is made-to-order based on the precise measurements of the diamond you select and handcrafted by the best setters, polishers, and craftspeople in the world.



Personalization & Customization Options

We don’t believe that something as special as an engagement ring should be produced en masse. Everyone’s love story is distinct, so we think their ring should be, as well. That’s why every Jean Dousset engagement ring can be personalized to reflect your love story.

Start by selecting your preferred setting style, diamond shape, and precious metal. You can then select your budget and diamond preferences to choose your center stone from our curated digital diamond feed. Additionally, all Jean Dousset engagement rings feature a Signature Stone®, which is a “hidden stone” beneath the front-facing center stone of your dream ring, a detail only you know and see. These secret gemstones can symbolize your favorite color, birthstone, or something else symbolic to your love story that you cherish. Complete the finishing touches with a complimentary engraving.

If you’re looking for additional inspiration, play with with our digital ring design tool which allows you customize Your Dream Ring® from the comfort of home, giving you the chance to see your customized ring digitally drawn right before your eyes.

Jean Dousset's Beyond The 4Cs

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Our Diamonds & Quality

At Jean Dousset, we’re picky about the diamonds we select. As surprising as it sounds, today’s diamond marketplace is saturated with second-rate diamonds — both lab-grown and natural diamonds that may have certain 4C characteristics (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) but underwhelming brilliance and beauty from the poor quality of the cutting and polishing the diamond received.

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While many online retailers fail to curate their stones — presenting you with everything available on the marketplace and leaving you with the overwhelming responsibility of determining the best option — our diamond experts do the work so you only select from the best.

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Not all diamonds are created equal, and this includes lab-grown diamonds. We make things easy for you by weeding out the underwhelming stones and making the top 1% of the world’s diamonds instantly available to you via our curated digital diamond feed. “We showcase one diamond for every thousand diamonds you can find online,” Jean says. “When you shop with us, you can be confident that anything you choose will be as perfect as it gets.” Plus, all of the diamonds we recommend are GIA-certified, the foremost diamond grading authority in the world.


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Jean and our team of experts select diamonds that journey Beyond the 4Cs® — because even though the 4Cs are useful in grading and judging a diamond for its rarity and price, they fail to speak to a stone’s overall beauty. What makes Jean Dousset unique from other jewelers is that we are meticulous about the “make” of a diamond: its overall proportions, shape, symmetry, polish, and light-reflection properties. The “make” is what defines a diamond’s unique beauty, and even though many jewelers don’t consider this complex appreciation of a stone when recommending a diamond to you, we believe the “make” is as important as the 4Cs themselves. Our decades of expertise and taste allow us to identify the ideal “make” of a diamond.


You Above All® - Our Customer Service

We set out to create a truly elevated experience through exceptional client services. Deciding to purchase an engagement ring can be stressful — so our top-rated team of client service managers is available around the clock to address any inquiries or concerns you may have. From the moment you reach out to us and beyond, we’re with you every step of the way.

We create an anxiety-free experience for you from start to finish by offering complimentary, no-hassle services and a lifetime warranty on all of our jewelry. These services include insured shipping, gift-ready packaging, a complimentary 14-day return policy, as well as complimentary ring engraving and one free resizing. Financing options are also available to ensure your purchase is stress-free. Our heritage, taste, care, and sentiment won’t let you down — that’s a promise.