Imagined & Handcrafted

by Jean Dousset

“I have imagined these collections by merging the memories and influences of the artistry I love with my imagination. Timelessness and quality are of the essence.

Creating unique and different jewelry is the sum of the nuances that reveal themselves as the eye wanders from every perspective. Luxury is always in the details.”

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Exclusively at Jean Dousset

Personalize your engagement ring with a thoughtful detail made for your eyes only. The Signature Stone® will add yet another meaningful sentiment to your ring.


Our Craftsmanship

We are passionate about the quality of our jewelry. Our craftsmanship is meticulous and follows the century old traditions of jewelry making.

Our Design Approach


Our Seamless Halo


Our Diamond Curation

Beyond the 4Cs®

We sort diamonds for you by Principles

& Financial

Prices vary widely between stones with identical 4Cs. We identify the best Color, Clarity and Carat weight combination to optimize your budget and find diamonds that make “dollars and sense”.


We do not own the diamonds we recommend to our clients- we find them. We only propose stones we really believe in and would purchase for ourselves. We search far and wide from only ethical sources.


We propose diamonds exclusively certified by the GIA, the only grading authority for the diamond trade worldwide. Other laboratories overestimate the grading of stones, giving you a false sense of quality and value.

& Recommend the best 3 stones based on Beauty


Beyond the 4Cs®

Most jewelers solely focus on the 4Cs simply because it is the only knowledge most consumers research and understand. The 4Cs are universal diamond trade guidelines developed to grade and judge a diamond’s rarity and price; therefore, it does not speak to a stone’s beauty nor its desirability! Several diamonds will have identical 4Cs listed on their GIA certificates with the same value, but when viewed side by side, their beauty or “make” are incomparable. One diamond will always be more desirable than its comparison…that‘s the stone we are looking for.

Beyond the Color and Clarity consideration, the “Make” is the appreciation of the diamond’s overall proportions, facets, luster and scintillation anyone can see. It’s what makes the diamond remarkable and unique, Beyond the 4Cs®.

Diamond cutting has always been done by hand and thus remains a true art form. Identifying the best “Make” is a matter of taste, photographic memory and experience.


The “Make” of a
diamond is everything

“Make” is a term used to describe the overall appearance of a diamond based on a combined observation of its shape, cut, proportion, polish, symmetry and light reflecting properties. Selecting the finest “Make” and most desirable diamond is a matter of taste, experience and perseverance.

Our Philosophy

We empower our clients.
We offer you transparent, reliable, and comparable information to do your due diligence. The perfect engagement ring does not already exist in a display. It should be custom made
with you, for you.

They Too Said Yes

Everyday women. Same aspiration for a ring that feels unique, different and personal.

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Eva Longoria


Morgan Stewart


Maria Menounos


Janel Parrish


Jean Dousset

The Heritage of Louis Cartier


Jean Dousset [j-aw-n doo-say] was born into the famed house of Cartier in Paris, France in 1971. The great-great grandson of iconic jeweler Louis Cartier, Dousset inherited the same impeccable taste for fine gems, craftsmanship and artistry.

Dousset began his jewelry career in 1992 at the global epicenter of high jewelry: Place Vendôme in Paris. It was here that he earned a prestigious position with Chaumet, the official jeweler of the Emperor Napoleon.

For many, jewelry
making is a profession,
for Jean Dousset
it is an identity

In 1996, Dousset next pursued an apprenticeship with the renowned French jewelry designer Boucheron. He worked directly for and was mentored by Alain Boucheron, the last family descendant to direct the jewelry house.

In 1999, Dousset made a pivotal move in his career and joined the revered jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels as the International Director of High Jewelry Exhibitions.

In 2001 he was promoted to direct and resurrect Van Cleef & Arpels’ prestigious Beverly Hills outpost on Rodeo Drive. Dousset maximized his experience with Van Cleef & Arpels to hone in on his detail-orientated craftsmanship and unique design aesthetic.

Inspired to write the next chapter in his family’s legacy, Dousset debuted his “Atelier” Jean Dousset Diamonds as homage to a period when the word “luxury” meant quality, dedication and service.


Our Beliefs

A brand culture that rises to the moment, the sentiment and the expectations.

A memorable experience and unparalleled quality bound with value.



We have never bought a diamond based solely on its certificate. Neither should you. Diamonds are either cut purely for profit or in search of beauty. Either to reach the most return on its weight or to yield the most remarkable stone. Diamonds are too often sold based mainly on their 4Cs, leaving you unable to separate the average from the best cut gems. While we keep our diamond prices competitive with the reality of the market, we offer additional value by conveniently identifying the most desirable stones.


The setting makes the ring. Everyone notices the design and details that sets your ring apart from all others, which determine the confidence you feel and compliments received. The quality of our diamonds make the jewelry white and bright. Jean Dousset’s Seamless Halo™ is like no other- completely “prong-less”. Our jewelers focus on precision, making them the best at their craft. Each stone is assembled one step at a time and polished like fine china. Turning an object into a sentiment.


Transparency is the best policy. An unbiased appraisal validates indisputable proof of your ring’s value. Each of our rings is reviewed and evaluated by a graduate gemologist and independent appraiser, the latter of which formerly evaluated jewels for world-famous auction houses. Our experts provide you with a reliable replacement value for your jewelry. By assuring the integrity of the diamond and setting, you can feel comfortable with the lasting value of your purchase. We reassure and insure.

We believe in Relationships

A jewelry brand is built on reputation.
Our clients will often tell you about their experience
before they mention their ring.