Experience our legacy of quality and exquisite craftsmanship. We don’t just appreciate the finer details—we proudly celebrate them.

Dimensional Design

Maximizing brilliance and beauty from every angle, our innovative design is based on the precise measurements and unique contours of our diamonds.

Signature Stone®

An exclusive detail that is one of a kind, our “hidden stone” is placed under the center diamond for your eyes only. Hand-select a birthstone, favorite color, or something personal to you and your partner.

Seamless Halo®

Incomparable to any other halo setting in the world, our signature “prongless” setting perfects surface brilliance. The low profile setting seamlessly reveals the center stone’s crown from above and the depth from below.

Custom Cutouts

For jewelry as unique as you, indulge in made-to-order eternity bands with complimentary engraving and custom cutout details. Craft a personalized message that’s just for you.

Signature ‘D’ Cutout

Meticulously designed to maximize brilliance from the inside out, our signature ‘D’ cutout detail showcases the diamond culet where the facets meet.

Hidden Halo

An exceptional setting with Big Diamond Energy. Placed under the center stone, the unique detail adds more brilliance from every angle and depth to showcase the center stone even more.

Claw Prongs

Safety, but make it sexy. Our handcrafted claw prong setting safely holds diamonds in place while showcasing the surface for more scintillation.

Tapered Silhouette

Show off your designer lab diamonds. Crafted to highlight the natural shape, color, and silhouette, our tapered baskets enhance the unique beauty of every diamond.

Conceal Clasp

Redefining traditional fine jewelry elegance, our signature conceal clasp is designed to be virtually hidden while securely holding your jewelry in place for a super sleek look.

Personalized Engraving

Etched in eternity. Add sentimental meaning to engagement rings, wedding bands, and eternity bands with our personalized and complimentary engraving.