Shop The Best GIA-Certified Engagement Rings

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: September 11, 2023
Shop The Best GIA-Certified Engagement Rings


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Under $10,000 GIA-Certified Engagement Ring

$10,000 - $15,000 GIA-Certified Engagement Ring

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If you’ve been shopping around for the perfect diamond engagement ring, then you’ve probably seen the acronym GIA come up a lot. But if you’re reading this article, you’re likely trying to figure out what exactly GIA is—and what exactly it means to have a GIA-certified engagement ring.

You’re in the right place. Keep scrolling to get the lowdown on the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) significance in the world of diamonds and diamond engagement rings.

What are GIA-Certified Engagement Rings?

It’s important to know the history of the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) and the critical role it plays in how diamonds are evaluated. Established nearly a century ago, GIA is the world’s principal authority on diamonds, gemstones, and pearls. Since its start in the ‘30s, GIA researchers have paved the way in the field of diamond and gemstone research, and in the ‘40s, they created the global standard for evaluating diamond quality—defined by the “4Cs”(cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) and the International Diamond Grading System™.

When it comes to diamond engagement ring jewelry, you can rely on the GIA—which is both the inventor of the now-universal “4Cs” grading system and the world’s most respected diamond certifier—to know how good (or poor) of quality the diamond you purchase is.

A diamond you can trust will always be accompanied by a GIA report, which exhaustively documents the specific characteristics of the stone. GIA reports are scientific and unbiased assessments of a diamond’s characteristics. For consumers, a GIA report (commonly referred to as a “certificate”) should be made available to you both prior to and after your purchase. GIA even has an online report database to ensure the information on a diamond’s report matches the organization’s own database. Plus, unlike other labs, GIA is an independent nonprofit organization, neither owned nor partially owned by diamond wholesalers or retailers.

Experts say a reliable grading report can be compared to a diamond’s “blueprint”—without one, you won’t know the quality or specifications of the diamond you’re purchasing. Moreover, in the case that you wanted to insure or sell your diamond down the line, insurers and buyers will need a credible grading report to appraise your stone.

Are Jean Dousset Lab Diamond Engagement Rings GIA-Certified?

Yes, all Jean Dousset lab diamond engagement rings feature lab diamond center stones that are graded and certified by GIA. In fact, any diamond jewelry piece with stones above 1.5 carats are also GIA certified.

When it comes to hand-selecting diamonds for our curated digital feed for engagement rings, our experts go beyond the 4Cs to guarantee that the diamond you choose is not only accredited by the world’s foremost diamond grading authority, but one of the finest lab diamonds possible. We only show you the top 1% of diamonds available on the market—all colorless or nearly colorless lab diamonds from a D-H color range—so when you shop with Jean Dousset, you know the lab diamond you fall in love with is truly designer quality.

Our curated feed also grants you full digital access to a diamond’s GIA certificate at any point in your shopping experience, helping you make an informed decision from the start. Get a peek at our offering of gorgeous, GIA-certified lab diamond engagement rings below.

Shop The Best GIA-Certified Engagement Rings

Under $10,000 GIA-Certified Engagement Ring


Chelsea Cushion Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Effortlessly timeless and meticulously handcrafted, Chelsea is Jean Dousset’s best-selling design. This ring features a G/VS1 graded 2.23-carat cushion center stone and three rows of diamond pavé on the band, totalling a generous 2.72 carat weight.

$10,000 - $15,000 GIA-Certified Engagement Ring


Gwen Marquise Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Equally unique and exquisite, the E/VVS2 lab diamond center stone weighs 2.28 carats and is complemented by shared-prong graduated diamond band that is a signature of Jean Dousset’s Gwen collection.

Elle Antique Cushion Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

For lovers of vintage sophistication, this exceptional Elle lab diamond engagement ring is hand-set with a G/VS2, 3.57-carat antique cushion cut lab diamond center stone that pays homage to the classic “old mine” cushion cut style for a modern take on timeless style.

Audrey Round Brilliant 6-Prong Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

A minimalist take on luxury, this Audrey solitaire lab diamond engagement ring features a 3.21-carat center stone uniquely set with six prongs and a hidden halo of pavé. This ring features 3.3 total carats with a superb E/VS1 GIA-certified lab diamond center stone.

Elle Cushion Three Stone Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

A distinct, one-of-a-kind lab diamond engagement ring that defies tradition, this three-stone Elle design is unlike any other with a 3.03-carat, G/VS1 cushion cut lab diamond center stone, flanked by two heart-shaped 0.50-carat side stones that are hand-matched. The ring features a unique double-prong setting with a dual-row high-polished band for an antique flair.

Under $20,000 GIA-Certified Engagement Rings

Chelsea Round Brilliant Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Featuring a luxurious 3.55-carat round brilliant lab diamond center stone with E/VS1 color and clarity gradings, this Chelsea represents timeless glamour. Around its band are three rows of radiant diamond pavé for a more-is-more approach to diamonds.


Ready to say ‘I Do’? Shop our collection of in-stock GIA-certified engagement rings that are ready to wear now, and love forever. Or create your dream GIA-certified engagement ring and customize every detail.