Dousset Collection

Leave a lasting legacy. The Dousset Collection's architectural designs fuse craftsmanship and innovation with a subtle nod to our iconic 'D' detail across each piece in the collection.
Leave a lasting legacy. The Dousset Collection's architectural designs fuse craftsmanship and innovation with a subtle nod to our iconic 'D' detail across each piece in the collection.

Dousset Collection

Introducing the latest in Jean Dousset jewelry: The Dousset Collection—an unprecedented milestone in the brand’s history. This new collection sta. . .

Introducing the latest in Jean Dousset jewelry: The Dousset Collection—an unprecedented milestone in the brand’s history. This new collection stands as a pinnacle of artistic expression, where architectural designs seamlessly intertwine with innovation, breathing life into a new era of fine jewelry. The Dousset Collection captures the essence of sophistication and timeless allure with each creation meticulously handcrafted by master artisans.

Discover the technical achievement and artistic influence that defines this brand-new collection.

Signature Style Exemplified

Jean Dousset's name has become synonymous with a unique blend of heritage, craftsmanship, style, and innovation. The Dousset Collection takes this signature style to new heights, embodying a philosophy that encompasses not just design but an entire experience that Jean has built over the course of his decades-long career. Across Jean Dousset jewelry collections, Jean has infused exclusive details, such as our Signature Stone®—a “hidden stone” placed under an engagement ring’s center stone for your eyes only. Upholding a discerning level of signature style and impeccable taste, each creation within The Dousset Collection is crafted to draw attention with it’s bold designs while remaining a staple in your collection for years.

Jean's Design Philosophy: Dimensional Design

Jean Dousset jewelry has unique details that elevate each piece into a work of art. This approach extends beyond the surface, imbuing each creation with a story that resonates on a personal level. Because, after all, jewelry is personal, and Jean believes it should be loved and worn for a lifetime. The Dousset Collection is a manifestation of this philosophy, offering visually compelling pieces that bear deeper significance.

Jean's approach is rooted in a 3D perspective, a resoluteness to dimensional design that transcends conventional boundaries across fine jewelry. This approach enriches each piece, engaging the viewer (and wearer) from every angle. To us, crafting jewelry through the lens of dimensional design translates to pieces that maximize brilliance and beauty based on precise measures and unique contours.

A Collection Beyond Boundaries

The Dousset Collection represents a remarkable milestone in the brand's journey. While Jean Dousset jewelry has long been recognized for exceptional engagement rings and bridal jewelry, this collection takes a bold step beyond convention. It offers an array of designs that push the boundaries of traditional jewelry making, catering to those with an eye for unique and identifiable styles. The collection's purpose is twofold: to establish an exclusive identity for lovers of the brand, and to encapsulate the very essence of Jean Dousset - signature style, meticulous craftsmanship, and undeniable taste.

Throughout history, iconic jewelry brands have forged memorable designs that defy time and become emblematic of their identity. The Dousset Collection sets out on a similar path, with a determination to leave an indelible mark in the world of luxury jewelry. This endeavor is no small feat, yet Jean Dousset embraces the challenge, recognizing the opportunity to establish an enduring legacy for the brand. In a world where success is never guaranteed, this collection serves as proof of the brand's dedication to excellence.

Subtle Branding, Intentional Style

Jean Dousset's new logo and icon heralded a new era for the brand. The incorporation of these distinct elements has given rise to a visual identity that is unmistakably Jean Dousset jewelry. This presents a unique approach to branding—an intentional design that transcends traditional logos. The objective of the collection is to cultivate unique and identifiable styles for those “in the know”, and our loyal clients. The handcrafted designs embody the Jean Dousset DNA.

For example, our 'D' cutout is transformed and tastefully integrated into the collection's monogram pieces. By integrating distinctive elements into each new design, we’ve established a visual identity that is recognizable as Jean Dousset. This approach extends past the monogram designs and allows for a sense of "quiet branding," where the 'D' subtly graces the wrap rings. The letter is stretched around the wearers finger, only visible only upon closer inspection. Leaning into this concept, The Dousset Collection offers minimal yet highly sophisticated silhouettes that add a sense of luxury to the everyday.

Next Level Architectural Design

The Dousset Collection unveils an array of styles, expanding beyond the initial monogram design. Among these is the striking open wrap ring, an architectural piece that commands attention. Upon closer observation, the brand's signature 'D' emerges at the ends of the ring—a testament to the brand's ingenuity through a first-of-its-kind approach to architectural design. From the collection, the Dousset Monogram band's silhouette is handcrafted with forward-thinking innovation, showcasing our exclusive 'D' cutouts. This band is intended to be your new, go-to piece.

This blend of structural design and branding speaks to the collection as a whole by transcending the boundaries of what’s possible in fine jewelry. Notably, the collection introduces moveable and adjustable lab-grown diamonds nestled between dual high-polished bands—a new and innovative feature. The Dousset Moveable Wrap Ring perfectly pays homage to Jean’s heritage, and the discreet 'D' contour embodies artisanship and precision.

A Tribute to Precious Metals

Within the Dousset Collection, a new chapter unfolds as the brand presents its first collection, primarily showcasing high-polished precious metal designs. While lab diamonds will always have a presence within Jean Dousset jewelry, this collection caters to those who appreciate the timelessness and wearability of precious metals. The collection features an array of styles and sizes, with Dousset quarter round wrap rings in 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. Precious metals have historically been associated with luxury and sophistication. We hand-select the finest metals for their beauty as well as their durability and resistance to corrosion. For those who love classic, vintage styles, opt for 18k white gold. Subtle yet modern, 18k rose gold is ideal for those who crave a warmer, unique tone. Platinum is known for its enduring hardness, strength, and white luster. Bold and warm, 18k yellow gold epitomizes ageless elegance.

Celebrating Craftsmanship and Legacy

At its core, Jean Dousset jewelry is designed to establish an enduring legacy for the brand. With this collection, Jean himself aspires to foster a sense of community and celebration. Each piece within the collection is crafted for those who value craftsmanship and celebrates our heritage.