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The Spirit of
Louis Cartier

As the great-great grandson of iconic jeweler Louis Cartier, Jean Dousset was born with an impeccable taste for rare gems, craftsmanship, and artistry. In 1992, his personal legacy began at the global epicenter of high jewelry: Place Vendôme in Paris, where he earned a prestigious position with Chaumet. In 1996, Dousset took an apprenticeship with the renowned French jewelry designer Boucheron, where he was mentored by Alain Boucheron himself. He later joined Van Cleef & Arpels as the International Director of High Jewelry Exhibitions, where he was then relocated to resurrect and direct the brand’s prestigious showroom in Beverly Hills.

In 2010, Jean Dousset officially opened his Los Angeles showroom. He felt the increasing need to express his creativity in a more personal way and decided to venture out on his own. Dousset continues to be inspired by his lineage, striving to meet the same standards of his great-great grandfather, while carving out a name all his own through his contemporary and innovative fine jewelry designs.

Louis Cartier
Jean Dousset


The birth of Louis Cartier ushered in a new and revolutionary era in the history of luxury jewelry.


Jean Dousset, a new name in Parisian luxury jewelry, arrived to carry on the legacy of Louis Cartier.


He began his jewelry career at the iconic Place Vendôme in Paris, where he earned a prestigious position with Chaumet, the official jeweler of the Emperor Napoleon.


He then pursued an apprenticeship with the renowned French jewelry designer Boucheron. He worked directly for and was mentored by Alain Boucheron, the last family descendant to direct the jewelry house.


Dousset then made a pivotal move in his career and joined the revered jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels as the International Director of High Jewelry sales.


Inspired to write the next chapter in his family’s legacy, Dousset debuted his “Atelier” Jean Dousset Diamonds in Los Angeles as homage to a period when the word “luxury” meant quality, dedication and service.


Jean Dousset entered the celebrity engagement ring space when he custom designed leading actress Eva Longoria’s ring, named the Haley.


In 2010, Jean Dousset officially opened his showroom, located in the heart of Los Angeles. Imbued with a meticulous attention to detail and the most discerning level of taste, Jean continues to design custom engagement rings for celebrities and his clients, honoring the unique love stories his timeless creations celebrate.


After a decade mastering the craft of luxury jewelry, Jean Dousset launched a new collection, Oui, to make the brand accessible to a wider clientele. In 2021, Oui by Jean Dousset was re-launched to be a lab grown diamond engagement ring and jewelry collection to empower more people to ‘just say oui’ to the high-quality diamonds, design, and craftsmanship Dousset is best known for.

From Paris
to Los Angeles

Dousset debuted “Atelier” Jean Dousset Diamonds in homage to a period when “luxury” meant true quality, dedication and service. Grounded by this distinction and driven by modern interpretations of traditional techniques, he began designing one of a kind rings that could be admired from every point of view. 

By ensuring every detail, from every angle, was worth falling in love with, he developed the unique, personalized aesthetic that now defines his designs. A new-world signature on old-world expertise, his jewelry is known for being breathtakingly beautiful, timelessly poetic, and exquisitely unique. 

Point Dume
Malibu, CA
Malibu, CA


Eiffel Tower, 1878
Eiffel Tower, 1878
Louis François Cartier
Louis -François Cartier

A Genius Intuition


Much like his great-great grandfather, Dousset assembled the finest craft and tradesmen the world had to offer. Who else could be trusted to create the three-dimensional beauty that would set his collections apart from the rest of the industrialized status quo?


Pont Alexandre
Anne-Marie Cartier
Anne-Marie Cartier

High Society Style


With great grandparents who weaved effortlessly in and out of the beautiful tapestry of Parisian life and style, Jean was born into a legacy that embodied adventure, creativity and grace.


Place Vendôme, Paris
Nathalie Revillon

Jeweler of Kings to
King of Jewelers


Driven, dedicated and inspired by the world around him, Jean secured his first major position with Chaumet, the official jeweler of Napoleon by the time he was twenty-one.


Jean Dousset Three Stone Engagement Ring and Eternity Band Set
Custom 10 carat diamond engagement ring

Jean Dousset

The Brand

Jean Dousset officially established his bespoke fine jewelry collection, opening his showroom located in Los Angeles. Jean Dousset became synonymous for custom creations dedicated to innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and celebrating his client’s milestones with the most evocative, beautiful creations.


Oui by Jean Dousset Engagement Ring Grouping
Oui by Jean Dousset Packaging and Rings on Hand

The Legacy Continues


After a decade of mastering the craft of luxury jewelry, Jean Dousset launched a new collection, Oui by Jean Dousset. The inspiration behind Oui was to offer luxury quality designs at an accessible price point. Jean Dousset continues to celebrate innovation in fine jewelry today, and in 2021 launched Oui with lab grown diamonds.

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