The Best Designer Wedding Jewelry for the Bride Who Deserves it All

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: May 15, 2023
The Best Designer Wedding Jewelry for the Bride Who Deserves it All


We think wedding jewelry is one of the most exciting parts of any bride-to-be’s wedding vision board. There is an unmatched sense of empowerment that jewelry brings to a not-quite-finished bridal ensemble, and unlike other bridal accessories that inevitably end up collecting dust somewhere in the back of her closet (looking at you, veils and garters), bridal jewelry can be incorporated into a newlywed’s real, everyday wardrobe — long after she’s been “newly” wed.

Diamonds are often associated with engagement rings, but they’re equally suited for a bride-to-be’s accessories on her big day. Investing in day-of wedding jewelry handcrafted with world-class lab diamonds allows every kind of bride to indulge in “big diamond energy” on their wedding day. Plus, choosing designer wedding jewelry also gives her the opportunity to write a new chapter of her generational story; high-quality, tailor-made pieces are destined to become everlasting heirlooms.

No matter if you’re the bride-to-be or just browsing with her in mind, check out our edit of the best designer wedding jewelry for every kind of bride — all handcrafted by the great-great-grandson of Louis Cartier and featuring the world’s top 1% of lab diamonds.

For the Modern Bride…

The Modern Bride’s motto: Conventions are meant to be questioned. All about living in the present, leading with authenticity, and breaking free from the traditional boxes into which previous generations’ brides were forced to fit, the Modern Bride has been writing her own script: She probably picked out her own engagement ring and she’s opting for designer lab diamonds because she knows she can invest in diamond jewelry that’s sexy, sophisticated, and current without compromising on craftsmanship, quality, or service.

Shop Jean Dousset’s La Petite Pear Studs


While the Modern Bride loves a classic round cut like any other girl, she’ll be particularly wowed by our standout La Petite Pear Studs, featuring two pear-shaped designer lab diamonds equally chic as they are contemporary (and set in 18K white, yellow, and rose gold, along with platinum). 

Shop Jean Dousset’s La Petite Tennis Bracelet

Also from our handcrafted La Petite line-up is our eternally stylish La Petite Tennis Bracelet, designed with hand-selected, round brilliant lab diamonds totaling a 3.0 carat weight and set in the precious metal of her desire. 

Shop Jean Dousset’s Audrey Eternity Band

And yet another diamond silhouette beloved by those who fit the Modern Bride bill is our Audrey Eternity Band: a limitless, low-profile design that can be styled as a wedding band, an everyday ring (on the finger of her choice), or even gifted as a day-of-ceremony piece to add to her wedding stack. 


For the Fashion Forward Bride…

“Too different”? Now that’s a phrase the Fashion Forward Bride is unfamiliar with. No matter the special occasion, you’ll never catch this queen showing up as anything other than her stylish self — and especially not if that occasion is her own wedding. With an eye for originality and an appreciation for both the bold and understated, the Fashion Forward Bride believes taste can always be found in the details, whether they’re big or small.

Shop Jean Dousset’s Olivia Drop Earrings

For instance, she might dare to trade delicate diamond studs for statement-making danglers, like our Olivia Drop Earrings, featuring seven world-class, lab diamonds. Available in four precious metal settings, these round brilliant diamonds form a graduating line totaling a knockout 4.5 carat weight that brings all eyes to her. 

Shop Jean Dousset’s La Petite Twist Band

The Fashion Forward Bride isn’t always looking to make bold statements, though. She’s also bound to fall for the quiet elegance of our La Petite Twist Band, handcrafted with a row of round brilliant lab diamonds that create an anything-but-ordinary twist.

Shop Jean Dousset’s La Petite Oval Pendant

And, when looking to meld her one-of-a-kind style sensibilities with trending aesthetics, she won’t look any further than our La Petite Oval Pendant: a dainty, in-vogue interpretation of the time-honored diamond pendant necklace, featuring a colorless oval cut lab diamond hand-set on a chain in the precious metal of her choice. 


For the Classic Bride… 

The soon-to-be newlywed you love might identify as a Classic Bride, but that doesn’t make her any less liberated. In fact, her decision to pay homage to the timeless elegance embraced by feminine style icons of yesteryear (Princess Diana, Sophia Loren, Eartha Kitt) is exactly that — hers. While the Classic Bride is heavily inspired by vintage fashion and her own unique family traditions, she’s also ready to start her own legacy: indulging in the process of selecting her own diamond wedding jewelry to complement the bridal heirlooms passed down to her; choosing designer lab diamonds for their sustainability and impeccable beauty; and entrusting her vision to a designer that honors both heritage and new horizons. 

Shop Jean Dousset’s Chelsea Riviera Necklace

Illustrating this balance of tradition and transformation is the Chelsea Riviera Necklace — an exquisite, hand-set ode to well-deserved indulgence with its 300-plus graduated, round brilliant lab diamonds, totaling a 15.5 carat weight. 

Shop Jean Dousset’s Chelsea Studs

Another Chelsea design sure to charm a Classic Bride is our Chelsea Studs. Meticulously handcrafted with the finest round brilliant lab diamonds on the market, these forever-stylish Chelsea earrings are a perfect pairing for her wedding day (and just about every special occasion thereafter).

Shop Jean Dousset’s Olivia Eternity Band 

For classic brides-to-be who gravitate toward alternative diamond cuts, our Olivia Eternity Band can be set with one row of designer lab diamonds in oval, cushion, or round cuts.  


Ready to say “I do” to a more liberated take on diamond jewelry? Shop our collection of designer lab diamond jewelry.