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Signature Stone®

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Exclusive to Jean Dousset

Some things are unique to you and your story. We believe personal sentiments are what make beautiful jewelry even more special.

The Signature Stone® is a secret “hidden stone” placed underneath the center stone, visible only to those you choose to share it with.

“The Signature Stone® is a hidden symbol that speaks to your unique story.

Whether you prefer a diamond or gemstone, the color of the “hidden stone” can be tailored to your wishes. It could reflect a loved one’s birthstone or a color that holds special meaning to you. The meaning of the Signature Stone® is yours to customize.


The Signature Stone® is a for your eyes and heart only detail, which represents the one of a kind qualities found in every piece we create.

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Select your signature stone® color

Blue Sapphire

White Diamond

Green Tsavorite Garnet

Lavender Tanzanite

Blue Topaz

Pink Argyle® Diamond

Pink Sapphire



Yellow Diamond

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