Your Guide to Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: May 18, 2023
Your Guide to Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


There’s something for everyone, and this is especially true when choosing your diamond cut. These days, newlyweds-to-be have more options than ever when shopping for the engagement ring of their dreams. If your aesthetic is classic, round brilliant or emerald cuts are probably your thing. Do you turn to celebs and your favorite influencers to keep up with what’s in right now? Then chances are you’ve fallen in love with the super trendy, celeb-coveted oval cut shape.

But not everyone describes their style preferences as all traditional or all trendy. You might be the type who’s hunting for a diamond cut that embodies a little bit of everything: a cut with contemporary elegance but isn’t as “on the radar” as trendier styles; a shape that pays homage to tried-and-true aesthetics but still speaks to your one-of-a-kind personality. If this sounds like you, this article is all about a diamond shape that could be perfect for you: the radiant cut.

What is a radiant cut engagement ring?

Unlike other diamond shapes, like pear or oval cuts, radiant cut engagement rings might be hard to imagine based on their name alone. So, what shape is “radiant,” anyway?

Rather uniquely, radiant cut diamonds have a pretty contemporary history, only extending back 45 years ago. In 1977, inventor and Austrian diamond cutter Henry Grossbard was the first person to patent the radiant cut style, which is defined by its eight-sided outline, square or rectangular shape, and cut corners. It also features a mix of step cut facets on the crown (the part of a ring’s setting that holds a center stone, including the prongs) and brilliant cut facets on the pavilion (the “bottom half” area of a diamond that reflects light back through the crown, contributing to its sparkle). Fast forward to today, and the radiant cut is beloved for its one-of-a-kind construction, which represents a balance of two beloved characteristics—the classic spirit and rectangular shape of emerald cuts and the “crushed-ice” sparkle of brilliant cuts.

At Jean Dousset, we’ve especially noticed that radiant cut engagement rings are a perfect match for clients who want something that’s not only both chic and modern, but also unique. Over the last year, we’ve noticed that Jean Dousset clients have fallen head over heels for radiant cuts now more than ever, while fashion experts have also noticed an uptick in the cut’s popularity. The radiant cut’s emergence on trend radars can be credited to its idiosyncratic look with “uniqueness” being one of the biggest engagement ring trends for 2023. In this sense, radiant cut engagement rings are perfect for trendsetters who prefer to keep their style one step ahead. Unlike oval cuts, which have been trending for the last half-decade, radiant cut diamonds are just now earning their spot in the trend forecast—so not only are they likely to remain in style for years to come but they are still a unique choice for new brides, too.


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What are the pros and cons of a radiant cut engagement ring?

Aside from their stylish and unique character, there’s another benefit to choosing a radiant cut diamond. For instance, unlike the emerald cut, which demands a diamond to have exceptional clarity, the intricate shape of a radiant cut diamond allows for inclusions (which are imperfections that occur naturally in diamonds) to be less noticeable. Moreover, radiant cuts are available in a variety of ratios. You may opt for a more square-shaped radiant cut diamond (which, due to the shallow nature of the cut, appears larger than another “square” style, such as a cushion cut). On the other hand, radiant cut diamonds are also available in more elongated, rectangular shapes, which provide plenty of finger coverage.

With all that said, as with every diamond cut, there are generally certain characteristics to consider when shopping for a radiant cut engagement ring. According to the GIA, the leading international authority on diamond grading, fancy shape diamonds can yield a variety of proportion combinations. For instance, poorly cut diamonds may not have centered culets (which is, in simple terms, the tiny, pointed bottom part of a diamond) or sides that aren’t quite symmetrical. 

The thought of having to identify a high-quality radiant cut diamond on your own probably sounds nerve wracking, and understandably so. You’re looking for an incredible stone. But don’t worry, when you shop with Jean Dousset, you don’t have to stress about the quality of your diamond. The stones we offer exclusively represent the top 1% percent of GIA-certified lab-grown diamonds available on the market. So, inclusions, proportions, and cut qualities aside, we promise that the diamond you select for your Jean Dousset engagement ring is truly one of the best. Plus, our proprietary, virtual diamond selection feed presents you with a curated offering of recommended stones that match the criteria you set—and each diamond is displayed in HD video from all angles. 

What are different kinds of radiant cut diamond engagement ring styles?

Now that you’ve committed to the radiant cut, get ready to fall in love with a few of our favorite radiant cut diamond engagement ring designs.

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Chelsea Solitaire Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

First up: our best-selling Chelsea silhouette, handcrafted with a gorgeous radiant cut center designer lab diamond center stone and three rows of brilliant cut diamond pavé on the band, bridge, and gallery. Available in your choice of 18K rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, this handcrafted design is the perfect match for any newlywed-to-be who wants a ring that commands attention in every setting. And like all Jean Dousset designs, the Chelsea features a complimentary, personalized engraving of your choice, along with a Signature Stone®, which is a special “hidden stone” for you and your special someone’s eyes only. Resting beneath your ring’s front-facing center stone and offered in your choice of over a half-dozen high-quality gemstones, the Signature Stone® you choose can represent any sentiment from your favorite color to your birthstone and beyond. 

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Audrey Solitaire Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

Say hello to the classic elegance of Audrey: a refined yet subtle lab diamond ring that proves minimalism can be magnetic—especially when contrasted with a center stone as striking as one of our radiant cut lab diamonds. This effortless engagement ring dons a solitaire setting in the precious metal you love most (platinum or 18K rose, yellow, or white gold), along with a simple solid band that’s perfect for both wearing solo and pairing with assorted stackable bands, creating a stylish stacked look for your every moment. As with all of our designs, you have the option to personalize this silhouette with your choice of a Signature Stone® and an engraving.

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Alyssa Seamless Halo® Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

If you love more is more when it comes to diamonds, then Alyssa is for you. With its handcrafted prong-less setting and stunning pavé, the design perfectly complements a radiant cut center diamond.  It’s important to note that Alyssa’s halo setting makes your center stone look significantly larger, which means more brilliance and a big look. Customized in your choice of platinum or one of our 18K gold options (rose, yellow, or white), this radiant cut diamond design also features a one-row pavé band that’s finished with the Signature Stone® of your choice.


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