What Wedding Band Goes with an Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: August 01, 2023
What Wedding Band Goes with an Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?


This time-honored shape has remained a popular choice among engagement ring shoppers for over a century. The emerald-cut engagement ring is beloved for its clean lines and timeless elegance. If you’ve already fallen in love with an emerald-cut engagement ring, you might be wondering about how to style your stack, and what wedding band goes with an emerald cut engagement ring? Find out here.


What are Emerald Cut Engagement Rings?

Emerald-cut diamonds are diamonds that have long, rectangular facets. Visually appearing as parallel lines, their “step cut” facets (“step cut” meaning a cut that comprises rectangular facets that ascend the crown and descent the pavilion in “steps”) create a hypnotizing, mirror-like effect.

A standout characteristic of emerald cut diamonds is that the cut highlights the diamond’s color and clarity, as these two Cs are showcased most apparently through the geometry of an emerald cut. For instance, an emerald-cut diamond with a poor color grade will clearly show a yellowish tint. Due to the “step cut” of these diamonds, the table (aka the top or surface of the stone) provides a clear, unobstructed view into the stone’s center, making any inclusions the stone may have very visible, which is important to note when reviewing the grading of your diamond. Here at Jean Dousset, we do the work for you by exclusively working with the top 1% of diamonds, picking only the most ideal stones according to our strict diamond criteria.

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History of the Emerald Cut Ring

The emerald cut has an expansive history, with its stylistic origins tracing back to the table cut that rose to popularity in the 1500s. As for why stonecutters changed the name of the cut to “emerald”—they realized the geometry of this style of cut reduced pressure during the cutting process of the gemstone known as the emerald, leading to fewer chips in the green gemstones. Diamond cutters adopted the technique not long after and by the 1920s, during the heyday of Art Deco, the emerald cut became popular for its stylish symmetry. 

Over 100 years later, the emerald cut continues to be a favorite among pop culture’s most glamorous tenants, from Amal Clooney and Jennifer Lopez to Victoria Beckham. Our favorite? Multigenerational icon Paris Hilton, who not long ago entrusted Jean Dousset to bring to life her custom-crafted, one-of-a-kind engagement ring featuring not only an emerald cut center diamond, but 17 custom cut trapezoid, and baguette-cut diamonds.

So if you’ve chosen an emerald-cut engagement ring, you’re in good company. Keep scrolling for a curated selection of Jean Dousset wedding bands that will perfectly complement your emerald cut engagement ring for the ultimate stack.

Our Favorite Wedding Bands To Match Your Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Olivia Lab Diamond Eternity Band

For those with a solid-band emerald-cut engagement ring, this Olivia eternity band balances your stack with round brilliant diamonds that pack a punch and elegantly contrast the polished minimalism of your engagement ring. Olivia also features our signature “D” cutout detail on its band interior and a “shared-prong” setting for a timeless wedding band design that goes with your emerald-cut engagement ring.

La Petite Flat Engravable Band

A flexible silhouette that complements all emerald-cut engagement styles, our La Petite Flat Engravable Band has a slim profile that elevates your engagement ring in a subtle (not clunky) way. Personalize this design with a custom engraving that captures your love story.

La Petite Channel Lab Diamond Eternity Band

Handcrafted with mixing and matching in mind, this wedding band is designed with round brilliant cut lab diamonds channel-set around the band—making it the ideal everyday-wear silhouette.

Audrey Lab Diamond Eternity Band

Pairing well with just about any diamond engagement ring or stack, our gorgeous, low-profile Audrey eternity band features one row of lab diamonds in a deep U-pavé setting.


Chelsea High Polish Wedding Band

A timeless, minimalist design that pairs perfectly with any engagement ring style (and all other keepsakes you choose to stack with it). A classic for good reason, this refined, high-polish band is designed in the precious metal of your choice (18K white, yellow, and rose gold, along with platinum), and is finished with a complimentary engraving of your choice.

Olivia East-West Lab Diamond Eternity Band

Love the look of an eternity band, but are itching for a more individualistic touch to compliment your emerald-cut engagement ring? This eternity band features one row of colorless lab diamonds in a “shared-prong” setting, handcrafted with an exceptionally unique “east-west” setting, with each stone oriented horizontally (instead of vertically) on the band: a graceful contrast to the vertical setting of your emerald-cut engagement ring.


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