What are Cushion Cut Engagement Rings: Pros, Cons, and the Best Rings to Shop

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: July 12, 2023
What are Cushion Cut Engagement Rings: Pros, Cons, and the Best Rings to Shop


Named after precisely what they look like, these timeless diamonds are shaped similarly to a square with cut, pillow-like corners. The cushion cut features a high level of brilliance and fire, meaning it reflects white and colored light well. Cushion cuts are unique in that they are available in different ratios—some cushion cut diamonds are more square, and others are more elongated and rectangular. There are also ‘vintage’ cushion cuts, in addition to the modern day cushion cut.

What are Cushion Cut Engagement Rings: History of the Cushion Cut

Already having won over dozens of celebrity hearts—Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle, Karlie Kloss, Sofía Vergara, Chrissy Teigen’s, and more—the cushion cut has a rich history tracing all the way back to the 1700s and is considered the forerunner to the modern brilliant-cut. 

The original version of the cushion cut is known today as the “old mine cut” or a “vintage” cushion cut, contrasting what many know as a “modern” cushion cut. Vintage cushion cuts have large facets, which gives it a ‘chunkier’ look than the modern day cushion cut.

Due to modern innovations and improvements in cutting tools, the modern cushion cut was invented. The modern cushion cut maximizes the diamond’s brilliance and fire, reflecting light better and giving the stone a scintillation comparable to that of a round brilliant cut. 

Cushion cuts are widely loved and the different varieties appeal to different style preferences.


Pros and Cons of a Cushion Cut Engagement Ring


  • These cuts are highly versatile, so they can sit beautifully in virtually any engagement ring setting.
  • These pillow-shaped stones are also available in different ratios: some are more elongated, lending to a more rectangular look, while others are more square.
  • Since cushions aren’t quite as popular as round brilliant cuts, shoppers can typically expect to pay less for cushions than a comparable round brilliant, without missing out on the coveted sparkle that a brilliant cut diamond delivers.


  • Shoppers should keep in mind that cushion-cut diamonds don’t always look “biggest” when viewed alongside shallower-cut stones of the same carat weight, such as ovals or radiant cuts. This is because cushions tend to have a deeper cut— the diamond carries more of its carat weight in its base, which isn’t visible when viewed from the top.

Yet, even with this caveat, cushions are widely beloved due to their timelessness, sparkle, and versatility. Explore our roundup of the best cushion-cut designer lab diamond engagement rings below:

Our Favorite Cushion Cut Engagement Rings


Elle Solitaire Double Band Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Elegance, twice elevated—that’s Elle. A solitaire engagement ring meticulously handcrafted with a high-polish double band design, this Elle ring is custom-crafted with a cushion-cut lab diamond center stone locked in place with a unique double-prong setting.

Elle Antique Cushion Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Our Elle Antique Engagement Ring showcases how new technology has allowed us to carry on the graceful legacy of the vintage cushion cut with lab diamond jewelry. This ring features an antique cushion cut lab diamond set in Elle’s minimal and fluid design.

Chelsea Half Moon Three Stone Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Chelsea is a best-selling design, featuring a high-polish band with a cushion-cut lab diamond flanked by two half-moon side stones and finished with diamond pavé details to create a hidden halo.

Chelsea Solitaire Three Row Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Our bestselling and most iconic design: the solitaire rendition of Chelsea is classic yet contemporary. This Chelsea design features a beautiful cushion-cut lab diamond center stone and three rows of diamond pavé on the band.

Alyssa Seamless Halo® Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Characterized by Jean Dousset’s signature “prongless” Seamless Halo® setting—this custom-crafted Alyssa lab diamond engagement ring features a cushion-cut center stone set in delicate diamond pavé. Finished with a high-polish solid band, this ring is perfect for the bride who believes more is more when it comes to diamonds.

Audrey Solitaire High Polish Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

A solitaire lab diamond engagement ring design custom-handcrafted with a chic, cushion-cut center stone contrasting its minimalist, high-polish solid band, this Audrey ring is adorned with diamond pavé lining her bridge and gallery.

Ready to indulge in diamonds without compromise? Shop our collection of made-to-order lab diamond engagement rings—one-of-a-kind, never mined.