Introducing: The Dousset Collection

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: August 15, 2023
Introducing: The Dousset Collection


I always have a 3D perspective when approaching design, with an affinity for integrating unique details into unexpected areas—an example of this is our Signature Stone® where we placed a “hidden stone” underneath the center stone, visible only to those you choose to share it with. By focusing on dimensional design and creating unique details, we aim to bring to life visually captivating pieces that carry deeper significance.

The Dousset collection represents an unprecedented milestone in the brand’s history, allowing me to design a collection that extends beyond the scope of engagement rings and bridal in general. The goal is to cultivate unique and identifiable styles for those in the know, as well as designs that embody the Jean Dousset DNA.

Throughout history, notable jewelry brands have created iconic designs that transcended time and became synonymous with their identity. Achieving such a feat remains exceptionally challenging, but a goal of mine nonetheless. While success may not always be guaranteed, one can embrace the opportunity to strive toward establishing an enduring legacy for the brand.

As part of our recent shift towards exclusively using lab diamonds, we transformed the brand’s logo and icon. By incorporating these distinctive elements, we’ve established a visual identity that is recognizable as Jean Dousset. While designing the Dousset collection, the challenge was to utilize our ‘D’ cutouts in a manner that avoids resembling a conventional logo and instead, achieve an intentional design. “Quiet branding” is the goal, with the D only appearing on our wrap rings only upon closer inspection.

Beyond our initial ‘D’ cutout design, we expanded this collection to include other styles like our wrap rings. This beautiful, architectural design stands out on its own, but at closer inspection, you can see our signature D on the ends of the ring—we stretched and transformed the ‘D’ cutout design into this unique piece as a subtle nod to the brand. We’ve pushed the envelope on design with this collection, like moveable diamonds nestled between two bands in the open wrap ring. While some of the pieces have lab diamonds, this is our first collection where we’re offering an extended assortment of high polish 18K precious metal designs.

At the end of the day, a brand would not exist without its clients. With the launch of the Dousset Collection, I want to evoke a sense of community through each and every piece—one that values unparalleled craftsmanship and celebrates our legacy of heritage.