Birthstones & Meanings: What Your Birthstone Says About You & How To Wear Birthstone Jewelry

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: January 24, 2021
Birthstones & Meanings: What Your Birthstone Says About You & How To Wear Birthstone Jewelry

Amethyst, emerald, topaz, sapphire
. Birthstones and their meanings are a timeless concept. Not only are these unique birth month gemstones another fun way to discover more about ourselves and the celestial meanings behind birthstones, but they’re also a great way to break the ice and build new human connections. There’s no denying that keeping note of someone’s zodiac sign, and their birthstones and meanings, makes gift-shopping for them that much easier when holiday season or their birth month rolls around. We love the idea of first understanding birthstones and their meanings, and wearing birthstone jewelry as an individual form of expression.

At Jean Dousset, we often incorporate birthstones and meanings into engagement rings with our hidden Signature Stone® feature. Keep reading to learn more about what your beautiful birthstone and meanings behind these stones—and how your unique energy is best-reflected in your one of a kind jewelry aesthetic. We break these stones down by month and zodiac.

January Birthstones and Meanings: Garnet (Capricorn & Aquarius)


New Year’s babies: Garnet is for you. Legend has it that this gorgeous, darker-than-ruby gemstone’s meaning is understood as ‘the protector’ birthstone, and is said to keep its wearers safe during travel. But the most striking aspect of this stone is its high refractive index that makes it glow so radiantly. Aligning with two different zodiac signs this month, Garnet is also a gemstone that can be dressed up or down. While January Capricorns are laidback and prefer simplicity over splendor (despite the well-known party vibe of this month’s famous holiday), their Garnet birthstone is best paired with subtle precious metals, like white gold and platinum, along with timeless white diamonds that add a touch of dazzle.

In contrast, Aquarius ladies born in the month of January are encouraged to style their Garnet birthstones as boldly as the rest of their jewelry-box favorites: with vibrant and unexpected colors whose meanings match their creative and unique personalities. Partner your Garnet pieces with vivid yellow gold or even colored diamonds for a daring take on birthstones and meanings.

February Birthstone and Meaning: Amethyst (Aquarius & Pisces)

Amethyst is certainly a class favorite: not only is she beloved by all February month babies for her cool, purple color, but she’s also frequently used as a healing crystal that promotes serenity and calmness—an energy that matches her birthstone meaning. Birthstones and their meanings have been interpreted for centuries. According to the Ancient Greeks, the gemstone guarded against intoxication (in fact, ‘amethystos’ means ‘sober’ in Greek). However, Amethyst’s symbolism extends beyond ancient times. Today, the exquisite birthstone is also perfect for artistic Pisces who are looking to add another pop of color to their flower-child wardrobes.

March Birthstone and Meaning: Aquamarine (Pisces & Aries) width=

A sparkling fit for all babies born in the month of March, Aquamarine is another popular gemstone that can be worn by those with both Pisces and Aries zodiac signs this month. Yet, this eye-catching gemstone is hands-down the perfect match for the latter astrological symbol due to its striking blue tone that’s as cool and confident as Aries. Aries are often deep into interpreting birthstones and their meanings, as well as finding new forms of self-expression. Eternally level-headed and optimistic, March month darlings with this zodiac sign also gravitate towards sophisticated and sleek ensembles of deep blues, rich greens, and cool grays—nature-inspired tones that seamlessly complement the calm, sea-blue glimmer of Aquamarine.

April Birthstones and Meanings: Diamond/Clear Sapphire (Aries & Taurus)

Diamonds and Clear Sapphire gemstones might be naturally colorless birthstones, but those who wear them are anything but dull. Born in a month during the early half of the springtime, Aries and Taurus babies are known for being intelligent, fashion-forward, dependable, and determined—so it’s no surprise that their birthday month gemstones are equally lovable. At Jean Dousset, we’re a little obsessed with Diamonds and the love and commitment they represent; we even offer a classic White Diamond as a Signature Stone®. We adore the month of April’s diamond birthstone. However, there’s something to be admired about the way both Clear Sapphire and White Diamonds shine whether they’re set in cool-toned metals, like platinum, or warm ones, like yellow and rose gold.

May Birthstone and Meanings: Emerald (Taurus & Gemini)


Originally mined in Ancient Egypt, this birthstone and its meaning are closely associated with love, hope, and royalty. Emerald has lived throughout history as one of the most beloved and meaningful birthstones. Not only was it Cleopatra’s go-to gem, but Ancient Romans even dedicated the stone to Venus, the famous goddess of love and beauty.

Today, the beautiful, dark-green gemstone coincides with the Taurus and Gemini zodiac sign this month—two astrological houses often representative of people who love to experiment when it comes to self-expression. When set in a warm-toned precious metal, Emerald is a bold and confident birthstone look for Geminis who are never shy of attention; for Tauruses, the subtlety of this birthstone’s green hue is most appealing when set in cool-toned metals like silver, platinum, or white gold. But those with either zodiac sign in the month of May are bound to fall in love with Emerald’s luxurious energy in their gemstone jewelry, that shines brightest when worn as a ring, pendant, or statement earring. A few popular alternatives to Emeralds are Peridot, Tourmaline, and Green Sapphire (also available as one of our Signature Stone®).

June Birthstone and Meaning: Alexandrite (Gemini & Cancer) width=

Born in the month of June? Every beautiful gemstone has a story and meaning behind it, but Alexandrite is one of the rare ones that has two. Indeed, this June birthstone shines in two different colors, depending on the type of light—under the sun, it’s a deep green or blue hue, and when examined under a lamp, it blazes with an intense, dark red. This very dual-tone quality is what allows it to be a gemstone that fits the personalities of both a Gemini and Cancer. Although these two zodiac signs have many dissimilarities—Geminis are fashion-forward and always mixing it up, whereas classy Cancers rely on their own coveted wardrobe staples no matter the trend forecast—their shared birthstone in this month is elevated and stylish enough to be embraced by even polar opposites. A bold Gemini, known for her adaptability, will be able to pull off Alexandrite birthstone jewelry with both casual outfits and cocktail-hour ensembles, while a charming and refined Cancer will opt to wear this birthstone with her daily dress-to-impress get-ups.

July Birthstone and Meaning: Ruby (Cancer & Leo)


Centuries ago, Ancient Hindus believed the Ruby gemstone protected its wearer from evil—and today, Rubies are definitely one of the most sought-after red gemstones, included as not only another Signature Stone® option, but a feature on our Jean Dousset high jewelry designs. Ruby is also considered to be a stone of love and passion due to its crimson iridescence often associated with romantic love; thus it’s no surprise that Rubies are often gifted by lovers on Valentine’s Day, which is a different birth month altogether. Still, the Ruby birthstone’s significance is greater than a single holiday, and its classic red hue is destined to be favored by both Cancers and Leos alike. The unique timelessness of Ruby as a birthstone makes it the perfect accent for any Cancer’s sophisticated sensibilities, while the emotive Leo identifies will identify best with this gemstone’s fiery hue and impassioned aura.

August Birthstone and Meaning: Peridot (Leo & Virgo) width=

Dubbed the “evening emerald” by jewelry artisans around the world, lovers of both Emerald and Green Sapphire are sure to adore the lime-green opulence of a Peridot gemstone, representing darlings around the world in the month of August. The history behind Peridot is as fascinating as the jewel itself: due to its prevalence in volcanic ashes, Hawaiian mythology claimed that the meaning behind these green gemstones were actually tears of Pele, the goddess of volcanoes and fire. In other ancient cultures, people believed that when set in yellow gold, Peridot had the ability to prevent nightmares in those who wear it.

And though the color green is closely associated with envy, those who practice crystal healing say that this birthstone alleviates jealousy, bitterness and greed—opening hearts to joy and new relationships. So it’s to be expected that Virgos and Leos born this month, both known to be loyal and warm-hearted, are a match made in heaven with Peridot. Embracing her love for organization, Virgo ladies can pair their Peridot birthstone jewelry with splashes of chartreuse and olive for a flawlessly color-coordinated look.

September Birthstone and Meaning: Blue Sapphire (Virgo & Libra)

 September dolls rejoice. Blue Sapphire is the most popular of all sapphires—so when it comes to finding jewelry that features this stunning blue creation, the options are nearly endless. As with other gemstones, Blue Sapphire’s hold great meaning and were thought to guard against toxicity and evil. Blue Sapphire is now used as a healing crystal to facilitate self-expression, making it the perfect jewel for Virgos and Libras alike. With outgoing personalities and an affinity for all things edgy, Libras are likely to play up their Blue Sapphire with leather outerwear, studded accessories, and cool-toned metals that complement this stone’s rich, cobalt hue. Due to its timeless reputation, Blue Sapphire is also a jewelry box essential for Virgos looking to dazzle up their tailored silhouettes.

October Birthstones and Meanings: Opal & Pink Tourmaline (Libra & Sagittarius)width=

Another month with two birthstones and meanings, October shines with Opal and Pink Tourmaline—and both gems are famous for their multi-colored beauty that stands out in both warm- and cool-toned metal settings. Although Opal looks white from afar, its unique rainbow iridescence is extremely versatile and can be worn in both work and play settings. Pairing just as well with a cocktail dress as it does with denim, this birthstone is ideal for hyper-social Libras who are always switching ensembles as they rush from one event to the next. It’s also no shocker that Opal represents freedom and independence, as both Libra and Sagittarius women are known for being hardworking and unfussy.

Pink Tourmaline also has many positive attributes that align most strongly with the soothing and positive aura of late October babies. Shamans used to believe this birthstone was a ‘receptive stone,’ meaning it calms and promotes meditation—thus, it’s a stone most compatible with Sagittarians who enjoy spending their free-time in the great outdoors. And though tourmaline can be found in a variety of colors, Pink Tourmaline is a shade that best matches a Sagittarius woman’s love for traditionally feminine hues.

November Birthstone and Meaning: Golden Topaz (Sagittarius & Scorpio)width=

Symbolizing love and affection, Golden Topaz is a birthstone that was believed to give its wearer an increased intellect—a property that a know-it-all Scorpio born in this month will love. Considered to be the most resourceful and fact-driven bunch out of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios will love the way Golden Topaz glistens in harmony with all of their tried-and-true wardrobe essentials, like dark wash jeans and leather handbags and footwear. Golden Topaz is also a timeless jewel, thanks to its warm hue that looks magnificent in classic yellow gold and romantic rose gold settings. Sagittarians are also sure to admire Golden Topaz’s hue that coordinates with the autumnal weather of their birth month.

December Birthstone and Meaning: Tanzanite (Sagittarius & Capricorn)


With Tanzanite as the birthstone for the month of December, every calendar year goes out with a blue-violet bang. Not unlike Blue Sapphire, Tanzanite is a bright and attractive gemstone known for its mesmerizing hue—but its unique shade of cobalt mixed with eggplant is its claim to fame. Named after its origins in Tanzania, this rare blue gemstone represents love and confidence. Plus, in crystal healing, it’s often used for dissolving patterns of disease or bad karma, making it a favorite amongst Capricorns who prefer living life drama-free. But while easygoing Capricorns are bound to style their Tanzanite jewelry with the new, experimental blouse they just got on sale, Scorpios born in this month tend to juxtapose this brilliant gem with the stylish signature outfit they’ve been wearing for years. Tanzanite is also one of the few gemstones that look equally radiant and sophisticated in all color settings—lending itself to almost every fashionista’s unique style preferences.
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