What Wedding Band Should You Buy? How To Pair A Wedding Band With An Engagement Ring

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: August 12, 2021
What Wedding Band Should You Buy? How To Pair A Wedding Band With An Engagement Ring

If you’ve been daydreaming about wedding bands lately, then congrats — that means you’ve probably already picked an engagement ring you’re absolutely obsessed with! But don’t pour yourself a glass of “yay me” bubbly just yet, because the next step in your sparkler hunt is discovering what wedding band pairs best with your dream ring.

Even though shopping for a band might not seem as intense as shopping for an engagement ring, there are plenty of reasons to be picky about your band, too. Not only does it take two rings to tango, but not all pairings are the same — and more often than not, a wedding band’s beauty depends on the style of engagement ring you’ll be wearing with it. Finding your dream ring combo might not happen overnight, but with these tips, tricks, and recommendations on how to pair a wedding band with an engagement ring, you’ll be so much closer to achieving “ring chemistry” that’ll look amazing for a lifetime.


How to Pair a Wedding Band With an Engagement Ring: Balance is Key

Traditionally speaking, we all know wedding bands and engagement rings symbolize different stages of the marriage process. But the big “yes” means nothing without that special “I do” moment — and on your big day, you deserve to wear a wedding band just as poetic as the vows you plan to exchange. Hunting for the perfect wedding band and figuring out how to pair a wedding band with an engagement ring can feel confusing. You’ve maybe even driven yourself wild with questions: Is an eternity band too bold to pair with a three stone ring? Which kind of band looks best with a solitaire ring? Are low-profile wedding bands “in” right now, or should I stick with a classic silhouette?

Good news: These are all valid questions. Bad news: There is no right or wrong answer to any of them. From your preferred band style to how often you wear it stacked with your engagement ring, your individual fashion sense is the key indicator of how you chose to make your wedding band fantasies a reality. For instance, if you consider yourself someone who likes to keep things simple, you’d likely prefer a minimalist, lower-profile band — you might only wear it on special occasions, anyway. On the other hand, someone who’s always dressed and accessorized to the nines might want a bold eternity style wedding band that earns oohs and aahs on a daily basis.

At Jean Dousset, however, we believe balance is everything when it comes to styling your engagement ring with your wedding band. No matter your personal style, or how often you’ll end up wearing your wedding band, our bespoke collection features a dazzling array of popular wedding band silhouettes that are destined to bring all eyes to your engagement ring, forever — trust us!


From left to right: Custom Engagement Ring and Olivia Oval Wedding Band.

What wedding band goes with my solitaire engagement ring?

No engagement ring silhouette embodies timeless elegance as simply as a solitaire ring design. Both classic and chic, these rings steal the show with one, singular diamond that’s front and center, allowing for effortless styling. The timeless silhouette of a solitaire engagement ring also makes them a match for tons of different wedding band styles. So, no matter if your tastes are lowkey or full glam, there’s a wedding band that’ll sit pretty alongside your solitaire.

If you’re someone with a beautiful solitaire engagement ring — like our bespoke collection’s Chelsea solitaire engagement ring, for instance, which features a solid band or a three row pavè band style — you’re in luck, because solitaire engagement rings tend to look beautiful with basically everything.

For an understated look, we love pairing a solitaire engagement ring with a diamond pavé eternity band. At Jean Dousset, our Chelsea Wedding Band balances all-around sparkle with a three row pavé band, adding just the right amount of shimmer alongside a solid or pavé engagement ring band.

To complement your classic look, we also recommend pairing a solitaire engagement ring with one of our Audrey Wedding Bands which add a touch of delicate sparkle. The Angelina band is available in your choice of platinum or 18k gold, and pairs well with virtually any engagement ring style.

For a bolder look that provides more contrast, you can also pair a larger eternity band style ring with your solitaire engagement ring. We recommend our Olivia Wedding Bands available in your preferred precious metal and different diamond shapes such as round brilliant, oval, or emerald cut. For an extra sentimental twist on a classic, you can also try our Eve Wedding Band which has one heart-shaped diamond within the band to symbolize your love.


From top to bottom: Audrey Wedding Band, Chelsea Wedding Band, and Alyssa Seamless Halo® Oval Engagement Ring.

What wedding band goes with my Seamless Halo® engagement ring?

While minimalism is an acquired taste, not everyone approaches style with a downplayed mindset. If you’re a bride-to-be who opted for a Jean Dousset Seamless Halo® engagement ring design — an eye-catching silhouette due to their unique “prongless” setting — you might want something to match the sparkle of your halo. Whether your Seamless Halo® engagement ring features a shiny solid band or a glitzy pavé, these silhouettes look fabulous with a variety of wedding bands as well.


Chelsea Oval Three Stone Engagement Ring and Olivia Round Brilliant Wedding Band.

What wedding band goes with my three stone engagement ring?

Last but certainly not least are wedding bands that complement the three stone engagement ring you’ve been gushing over. And let me guess: You couldn’t resist a three stone engagement ring because “the more bling the merrier” are five words you live by? We get that — which is why we love pairing three stone designs with our Olivia Wedding Bands in both round brilliant cut and fancy shapes.


From top to bottom: Olivia East-West Emerald Wedding Band, Custom Three Stone Engagement Ring, Chelsea Wedding Band, and Olivia Round Brilliant Wedding Band.


There’s nothing quite like bold, emerald cut diamonds on a ring’s band to juxtapose the three diamonds set on your engagement ring. Our Olivia bands provide the perfect bold complement to your three stone ring, especially if your center stone is an emerald cut diamond. We also love the Olivia East-West Wedding Band when worn with a three stone ring for a fashion forward pairing. This wedding band does a great job of highlighting the engagement, adding an extra bold pop of diamonds without detracting from the star of the show.

From left to right: Custom Three Stone Engagement Ring, Olivia Emerald East-West Wedding Band, and Olivia Round Brilliant Wedding Band.

For those who want to add a bit of elegant contrast, we also recommend our Olivia Round Brilliant Wedding Band, which is both timeless and adds a great sparkly addition to your stack. This style of wedding band looks great paired with different carat weights and sizes to add texture and variation. The Sophia Wedding Band is as poetic as the romance this pair represents. Swoon!