Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Have Resale Value?

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: July 06, 2023
Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Have Resale Value?


Cars. Homes. Tech gadgets. When it comes to big-ticket or luxury items, many consumers purchase with resale value in mind. Another thing people add to that list? Diamond jewelry—this includes earth-mined or lab-grown diamonds. 

As lab diamonds have risen to mainstream popularity over the last decade (in fact, over 75% of consumers have stated they’d consider purchasing lab diamond jewelry), there have been many questions surrounding the resale value of a lab-grown diamond compared to their mined counterparts. 

We’re here to honestly address the question you still can’t seem to find an answer to: Do lab-grown diamonds have resale value? Keep reading for the facts.


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The History of Diamond Pricing

 It’s a long story, one that spans over a hundred years. For decades, a singular corporate industry leader had such a monopoly on the entire diamond industry (from mining to trading and retail) that it controlled not only the diamond market's pricing but also its advertising.

You know the saying, “A diamond is forever”? That phrase is a marketing slogan created by the same business that monopolized the industry from the late 1800s to the early 2010s. And, while diamonds are, in many ways, “forever”—they’re always fashionable and, if cared for properly, will remain brilliant for life. Mined diamonds are a finite resource, and the average stone that most consumers can afford isn’t as “rare” as consumers have been led to believe. 

This is not to say the most ideal, beautiful diamonds are a dime a dozen, which includes lab diamonds. It requires incredible experience, craftsmanship, and taste to curate the top 1% of lab diamonds in a range of budgets, as we do here at Jean Dousset. From engagement rings to everyday jewelry, diamond pieces signify something precious to the people that wear them. If purchased in collaboration with the right jeweler, the diamond jewelry will represent unparalleled beauty and quality—value-oriented characteristics determining your jewelry’s price.


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The Truth About Earth-Mined Diamonds’ Resale Value

The vast majority of shoppers overestimate the resale value of mined diamonds, and how rare diamonds truly are, despite being a finite resource. While the amount offered for a previously owned diamond can vary greatly, by most experts’ calculations, diamonds resell for about 20% to 60% of what they are initially sold for. 

In nearly all cases, you will get considerably less back for your diamond than you originally paid for it. In this sense, diamonds are like new vehicles (or almost any other luxury item for that matter): the second you buy them and ‘take them off the lot,’ their resale value decreases.

Some exceptions exist: extremely rare diamonds can be resold at a highly competitive price. Keep in mind, however, that only the rarest rare stones tend to appreciate or keep constant in price after their initial buy, so the average consumer is exempt from this appreciation in value, as they would need to purchase a diamond that was priced astronomically in the first place.


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What to Know About the Resale Value of a Lab-Grown Diamond

The recent rise in lab diamond research and development has enabled retailers and consumers alike to enjoy a new supply of diamonds that are gorgeous, immaculate in quality, and embrace the future of diamond jewelry.

At Jean Dousset, we firmly believe lab diamonds are the future of diamonds, and this future should not include making compromises or misconceptions. Our expert team, led by the great-great-grandson of Louis Cartier, has been long committed to empowering luxury jewelry shoppers with the world’s finest diamonds— and now embracing the evolution of our industry by working with only the top 1% of the world’s lab diamonds. We’re committed to empowering clients through knowledge. 

How to Approach Buying Diamond Jewelry with Resale Value in Mind

At Jean Dousset, we value transparency and always recommend shoppers prioritize sentimental value — rather than resale value —  when committing to any diamond jewelry purchase. Jewelry should first and foremost be meaningful for its wearer. If your piece is high quality and personal, it can become an heirloom cherished for generations. 

Buying designer lab diamond jewelry, or any diamond jewelry for that matter, is like buying most other luxury goods. The value of the piece is determined by the quality of materials and expertise of the designer or brand making these pieces.  Lab diamonds enable consumers to enjoy diamonds “experientially” and not as burdensome financial commitments that must be justified by a resale value. 

When considering resale value, one of the most important factors determining a piece of jewelry’s resale value is the brand or designer that made the piece. Historically, the best resale values are held by leading and well-established brands because they speak to a specific aesthetic, heritage, and expertise. Buying from a trusted brand with a skilled designer, like Jean Dousset, is your best bet to ensure you purchase a piece that lasts a lifetime, and retains the most possible value.


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