Now Open: West Hollywood Boutique

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: September 06, 2023
Now Open: West Hollywood Boutique


It’s official: our flagship boutique in West Hollywood is now open for business.

Jean Dousset started over a decade ago with a modest appointment-only showroom. Over the years, our path has transformed and led us to becoming a DTC business. One major factor in deciding to open our first boutique was our pivot to exclusively offer lab diamonds. This boutique is a first of its kind and we welcome you to see and try on lab diamonds in person.

“Having a retail store where clients can come in and experience designer lab diamonds in person is key for them to see first-hand that lab diamonds are diamonds, perfected. They can now finally indulge in their desires without making any compromises on the quality, size, and design of their jewelry.” - Jean Dousset.

The interior of the boutique is inspired by the process of transforming a diamond in the rough into a perfectly polished stone. This is symbolic of our own transformation, where we celebrate our past and evolve to the future as a designer lab diamond brand. Sculptural elements found throughout the airy, light-filled space mirror the art of cutting, setting, and polishing diamonds.



Within the boutique, a heritage wall with photos of Louis Cartier pays homage to the brand’s legacy of innovation, design, and artisanship. When designing our boutique displays, we wanted to encapsulate the very essence of our brand. Every element within the space has been custom-crafted and carefully considered. Even the lighting, which is especially important when it comes to diamonds.

Stepping into our boutique, you'll notice that our displays appear to emerge organically from the ground. These displays aren't just beautiful; they carry elements that are unmistakably linked to our brand's identity. Take, for instance, our discovery wall dedicated to showcasing our iconic Signature Stones® as well as the three-dimensional design of our engagement ring lines.

Our goal is to continually surprise and delight our clients with these intricate details and exceptional customer service. After all, it's these subtleties that transform a simple visit to our boutique into an unforgettable, luxury experience.



“There’s something really personal about an eponymous brand when you put your name on the building. It is a part of you that is displayed for others to see, embrace, as well as critique. It’s vulnerable but can also be highly rewarding. The boutique also expands my range of expression in design. I imagined the theme and inspiration of the space to add an experiential dimension to seeing and trying the jewelry itself.” - Jean Dousset

The boutique marks a significant milestone in the brand’s history. We’re thrilled to open our first flagship boutique and can’t wait for you to experience the liberation of lab diamonds in person.


Our boutique is located at 607 N La Cienega Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069. Plan your visit for a personalized experience. Walk-ins are always welcome.

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