Curated Minimalist Engagement Rings (Simple & Elegant For Your French Girl Style)

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: August 21, 2023
Curated Minimalist Engagement Rings (Simple & Elegant For Your French Girl Style)


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Why Are Minimalist Engagement Rings Trending?

Roundup Of The Best Minimalist Engagement Rings

Looking for a minimalist engagement ring, but don’t want to settle for an engagement ring style that’s too basic? You’re not alone. The good news is that lowkey-yet-elegant diamond jewelry pieces are currently in vogue—and with the trend of minimalist engagement rings on the rise, there are plenty of options to choose from.


Why Are Minimalist Engagement Rings Trending?

One of the many reasons minimalist engagement rings are commonly sought after is their versatility. These sleek diamond ring silhouettes can not only complement a wearer’s everyday wardrobe effortlessly but are ideal for stacking and matching with more maximalist pieces for special occasions as well.

Another coveted characteristic of minimalist engagement rings is their timelessness—due to the uncomplicated design of these engagement styles, minimalist rings tend to evoke a classic aesthetic that remains in fashion no matter the trend cycle’s direction.

Lastly, if you’re a devotee of the style-approved “French girl” aesthetic that’s shaped so many beauty and fashion trends, then a minimalist engagement ring is a great choice. With a name that pays homage to the effortless-yet-chic style attitude that French women have followed across generations, the “French girl” trend definitely mirrors the minimalist jewelry trend to a tee: both aesthetics lean into a brand of elegance that’s uncomplicated and relaxed. Whether a perfect pair of slingbacks, well-cut jeans, or a lab diamond ring, all pieces that fall under the minimalist, Parisian umbrella are often understated—letting the high-quality designs speak for themselves.

Roundup Of The Best Minimalist Engagement Rings

At Jean Dousset, we offer a vast collection of minimalist engagement rings that are impeccably designed, meticulously handcrafted, and featuring the world’s finest designer lab diamonds. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite minimalist engagement ring styles.

Audrey Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

This Audrey engagement ring might look effortless at first glance, but she is anything but when you take a closer look at the craftsmanship. A solitaire design featuring Jean Dousset’s trademark hidden halo of pavé at the bridge and a Signature Stone® placed under the center diamond (for your eyes only), Audrey’s surprises are all in the subtleties of craftsmanship.

Chelsea Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Our best-selling engagement ring, Chelsea effortlessly checks all of the boxes that make a Jean Dousset design unparalleled. Embodying artistry, heritage, and craftsmanship, this timeless solitaire style features a designer lab diamond center stone and aerial band defined by three rows of pavé.

Elle Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

A standout of our engagement collection, Elle represents the equilibrium of innovation and ease. Artfully designed to eliminate the need for a traditional ring “seat,” Elle’s design is innovative in her simplicity, with her center stone being viewable from all angles, appearing like water filling the setting. To ensure durability, this silhouette is secured with subtle double prongs at each of the diamond’s corners.

Audrey 6-Prong Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

A historied classic, the six-prong diamond engagement ring first left its mark on the fine jewelry world in the late 1800s. Today, the silhouette remains iconic with its unique yet modest six-prong setting that brings all eyes to its diamond center stone. Reminiscent of a blooming flower, our Audrey ring also features a high-polish band and round diamond pavé beneath the center diamond.

Olivia Lab Diamond Eternity Band

The perfect route for a minimalist newlywed-to-be who wants an alternative to traditional engagement designs, our Olivia is an understated match for lovers of sophisticated subtlety. Indulgent but never over-the-top, Olivia features one row of diamonds set in a shared-prong setting. This design features minimal metal and is a modern take on traditional engagement jewelry.

Chelsea Half Moon Three Stone Engagement Ring

A three-stone engagement ring design for everyone—even minimalists. This Chelsea Three Stone Ring features half-moon sides that subtly complement the lab diamond center stone. Each side stone is hand-selected to complement the unique center diamond, creating a cohesive and balanced look, and is complete with a high-polish simple band.

Alyssa Seamless Halo® Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Our Seamless Halo® is incomparable to any other halo setting, courtesy of its “prongless” design that highlights the center stone and sparkle in a refined way. The prongless setting omits the need for unwieldy extra metal that can distract from the center diamond, and gives this Alyssa ring a feeling of effortless beauty.


Ready to indulge in diamonds without compromise? Shop minimalist engagement rings from Jean Dousset—one-of-a-kind, never mined.