Lab Diamond Eternity Band Trends in 2023

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: July 24, 2023
Lab Diamond Eternity Band Trends in 2023


For shoppers looking for diamond jewelry that glows from every angle, eternity bands have no contest.

What Are Eternity Bands?

Eternity bands are characterized by a band of precious metal set with an unbroken line of identically cut stones. In our case, Jean Dousset crafts eternity bands with designer lab diamonds that are hand-selected for their beauty. 

History of Eternity Bands

Eternity bands won over hearts long before the rise of lab diamonds. Industry experts and historians have traced the origin of the eternity ring as far back as 4,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. 

The style then had another moment in the 1700s, when gentlemen used eternity bands as “promise” rings, typically embellished with colorful gemstones. 

The diamond eternity band that we know and appreciate today were actually conceptualized less than a hundred years ago. In the 1960s, jewelers at De Beers designed the contemporary eternity style—defined by diamonds, not gemstones—marketing it to married couples as a representation of unwavering commitment as a wedding band.


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Fast forward to today: eternity bands are loved by both celebrities, brides, and jewelry lovers. Marilyn Monroe donned a beautiful baguette-cut eternity band (during her marriage to Joe DiMaggio), while Audrey Hepburn also enjoyed a baguette-cut eternity band (given to her by Mel Ferrer). Modern Hollywood stars like Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Cappola have also taken a liking to the timeless look of eternity bands, stacking these bands with their own unique engagement rings. 

One of our favorite things about eternity bands: these are perfect for mixing, matching, and stacking, no matter the stone cut or band style of the other rings in your lineup. And in this new age of diamond jewelry—when brands like Jean Dousset are welcoming new technologies and embracing materials like designer lab diamonds—it’s an even more exciting moment for the long-loved eternity band style.  

Here’s a shortlist of our favorite diamond eternity band trends and how to wear them with Jean Dousset’s designer lab diamond eternity bands. 

Multi-Stack Eternity Band Rings

Layered stacks are trending. Incorporating different textures, sizes, and shapes add dimension to your ring stack. From delicate double bands to ultra-modern twists, the below Jean Dousset eternity bands pair well with virtually any ring for ultimate versatility and timelessness. 

Chelsea Lab Diamond Eternity Band

Elle Double Lab Diamond Eternity Band

La Petite Twist Lab Diamond Eternity Band

East-West Eternity Band Rings

Diamond rings featuring an “east-west” setting are a chic alternative to the traditional diamond band. An east-west setting means the stone is oriented horizontally, not vertically, on the band. This style is perfect for those who love jewelry designs with a twist. Not only do these designs give the appearance of more carat weight, making it a more cost-effective choice, but these silhouettes are less common than the classic, vertical stone setting—so they make for a unique wedding band or addition to your stack. 

Olivia East-West Lab Diamond Eternity Band in Emerald Cut

Olivia East-West Lab Diamond Eternity Band in Oval Cut

Unique Cut Eternity Band Rings

If you’re on the hunt for a contemporary silhouette that still pays homage to classic style, look no further than radiant- and oval-cut lab diamond eternity bands from Jean Dousset. Equally sophisticated as they are modern, these eternity bands are a unique take on the traditional round brilliant diamond bands. They look great whether they’re worn solo or paired with an engagement ring.

Olivia Lab Diamond Eternity Band in Radiant Cut

Olivia Lab Diamond Eternity Band in Oval Cut

Bezel Set Eternity Band Rings

Bezel set rings are having a moment, as they’re loved for their nod to art deco style and metal forward design. Bezel set eternity rings are characterized by a ring of metal around the entire circumference of the gemstones or diamonds, rather than held by prongs. Effortlessly modern and comfortable for everyday wear, it’s no wonder jewelry trend forecasters say bezel set designs are rising in popularity. This is your sign to get ahead of the curve.

La Petite Bezel Lab Diamond Eternity Band


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