How To Finance An Engagement Ring In 2023

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: January 01, 2023
How To Finance An Engagement Ring In 2023

Out with the old and in with the new—a new engagement ring, that is. If you’ve stumbled on this how-to guide, chances are you’ve likely already set your sights on a few dream ring styles that make your heart go pitter-patter, whether you’re into timeless pieces (like our solitaire engagement rings) or classic designs (like our three stone or Seamless Halo® silhouettes). And, if you’re the one planning on popping the question soon (you got this!), you might just be trying to get ahead of things by doing some engagement ring research before the big event. But, no matter your reasoning for studying up on how to finance an engagement ring in 2023, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about affording the diamond ring of your dreams—without any of the classic financing nightmares. 

What are my options for financing an engagement ring in 2023? 

We’re not going to lie: splurging on a luxury piece like an engagement ring can be scary. After all, much like cars or real estate, engagement rings are tremendous financial commitments (and your dream ring may even be the priciest investment you’ve made so far). The plunge to purchase one requires not only tons of meticulous window-shopping and Pinterest-board-making but also stressful conversations about what you and your partner can realistically afford. (FYI: as of 2021, the average American couple spends about $6,000 on a dream ring, according to The Knot.)

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On the plus side, arbitrary spending guidelines—such as the infamous two-to-three months’ salary rule—are considered totally archaic these days. Most jewelry and wedding industry experts, along with forward-thinking couples themselves, think couples should spend on an engagement ring whatever they feel works for their unique financial situation. At Jean Dousset, we one hundred percent agree with that sentiment, too.

Simply put: We believe investing in a beautiful engagement ring should be as effortless as the romance it represents. For this reason, we encourage all couples to consider their unique budget and research the numerous different financing options available because there are now so many ways to go about doing it.

Just years ago, there were very few manageable alternatives to saving up for an engagement ring and purchasing it outright. And, while we always recommend that couples brainstorm a savings strategy that covers at least a part of their anticipated engagement ring expenses, we also believe everyone should have access to perfect diamonds and have options for purchasing the engagement ring they truly want. So that’s why Jean Dousset engagement rings feature high-quality, lab-grown diamond center stones that are just as beautiful as mined diamonds, but at a fraction of the price. More importantly, our belief in diamonds without compromise informs the financing options we offer at Jean Dousset, too, so we’re outlining below the easiest possible ways to finance the engagement ring of your dreams.

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What is the best approach to financing an engagement ring in 2023?

Previously, couples looking to finance their dream engagement ring turned to either credit cards or personal loans to cover such expenses. Traditional jewelers may also offer financing plans but such plans are often bogged down with hidden fees, charges, or questionable interest rates. However, at Jean Dousset, we provide our clients with a trusted, modern approach to financing their ring—no credit line increase or anxiety-inducing calls with a loan provider necessary. Thanks to our partnership with Affirm, you can pay for your dream ring through hidden-fee-free monthly payments. The ability to finance an engagement ring in 2023 has never been easier.

How can I finance my engagement ring through Affirm? 

It’s as easy as falling in love—no, really. If you’ve already settled on your dream ring, go ahead and proceed to add it to your cart, making sure you enter your shipping information and select “Monthly Payments with Affirm” under the ‘Payment & Review’ section. Once you complete your billing details, click the ‘Pay With Affirm’ button and you will be taken through the steps to get qualified for an Affirm payment plan.

Provide some basic information and get a real-time credit decision to split your purchase into monthly payments. Rates range from 0% to 30% APR with payments over 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, or 36 months (visit our site for more details). There are no hidden fees and you will know the exact terms of your loan options — including APR and monthly payment amounts — before you decide on a plan, so you can choose the plan that works for you and your partner.

Still crushing on a few different designs and aren’t yet ready to make things official with the lab diamond of your dreams? You can still see if you qualify for Affirm before committing to a particular design.

Once a particular lab diamond engagement ring does win your heart over, just follow the aforementioned checkout steps on how to finance an engagement ring. Then, once you’re approved by Affirm and checkout is complete, we will process and ship your order within our standard processing times.

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