Founder's Letter

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: April 11, 2023
Founder's Letter

Jean Dousset was born from a legacy of high jewelry. Inspired by my lineage, I learned the art of craftsmanship and developed the aesthetic that now defines our designs you know and love today. My great-great-grandfather, Louis Cartier, was an innovator for his time, and as the industry and consumer taste evolves, I have thought carefully about how our company moves into the future.

As demand for lab-grown stones continues to increase, we set out to create a new paradigm in designer diamond jewelry and engagement rings rooted in indulging in one’s desires without compromise. Lab-grown allows for bigger and better quality diamonds without the sacrifices or design constraint that comes with their mined counterparts. And while we’ll always appreciate and honor where we came from, Jean Dousset will now exclusively work with lab diamonds. This means that you can now acquire that dream ring and diamond jewelry you desire.

I truly believe lab diamonds are the future, and the category does also represent the future generations' eco-friendly mindset and values. As a company, we are working towards creating a more sustainable business. We will continue to innovate when it comes to packaging and our products, such as utilizing recycled precious metals and more.

We’re not turning our back on where we’ve come from, or mined diamonds in general, we’re writing that into our history and evolving into a new era. Our commitment to providing the finest diamond jewelry and exquisite craftsmanship remains unwavering. We have made it our mission since day one to only display and propose the best-cut diamonds from the entire market to those who visit us.

We welcome you to this new paradigm, in which taste, desire, and indulgence reign supreme.

This is my legacy, liberated.