Your Guide to the Best Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: May 08, 2023
Your Guide to the Best Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


Some things in life just make sense. One of those things? Round cut engagement rings. There’s a reason this particular diamond cut has been the most popular style featured in engagement rings for practically an eternity— or at least for the last century. Admired for their timeless appeal, round cut engagement rings are a classic choice. Still as beloved now as it was decades ago, round cuts are the epitome of a design that remains classic, even when the popularity of other shapes ebb and flow. In fact, here at Jean Dousset, round brilliant cut diamonds are one of our most popular choices for an engagement ring center stone.

What is a round cut engagement ring?

The round cut engagement ring is renowned for its captivating brilliance and versatility. Much like the name suggests, a round brilliant diamond, often referred to as a round cut diamond,  is round in shape and “brilliant” in its cut. In the context of diamonds, “brilliant” doesn’t just mean pretty. Instead, a round “brilliant” diamond is one that is cut in a particular form with many facets—58, to be exact. These facets give the round cut diamond its brilliance, which, simply put, represents the white flashes (or a “return” of light) created when a diamond hits the light. Further contributing to the round brilliant’s sparkle is the fact that its round cut shape allows the maximum amount of light to return through the top of the stone.

What are the pros and cons of a round cut engagement ring?

Given its sparkle and light, it’s no wonder the round cut style—which was originally invented back in the 1700s and recreated in 1919 by Polish diamond cutter Marcel Tolkowskyin, who mastered the modern 58-facet round brilliant cut—has stuck around for so long. However, there are even more reasons to appreciate a round cut engagement ring. For starters, round brilliant diamonds are extremely wearable, thanks to their circular curvature that looks good in most settings: from prong-less, solitaire, and three-stone engagement ring silhouettes to stackable eternity bands. And since round brilliants complement a variety of jewelry settings, including necklaces and earrings, they’re easy to style (especially if you’re a bride-to-be who loves timeless aesthetics). Round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings, in particular, are universally flattering, too —a refined, understated match for fingers of all shapes and sizes.


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There’s only one major downside to opting for a round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring: they’re often more expensive than rings featuring other diamond cuts (this can be attributed to the everlasting demand and appeal of round brilliants). However, at Jean Dousset, our clients never have to sacrifice quality for the sake of their budget—because we only offer stones that represent the top 1% percent of GIA-certified lab-grown diamonds available on the market. That means that regardless of the price range you establish when shopping through our virtual, high-definition feed, you’ll exclusively be presented with the best of the best, period. 

What are different kinds of round cut engagement ring styles?

Now that you’re familiar with the round brilliant cut’s long-lasting reign in the world of diamonds, here’s a lineup of the best round cut diamond engagement ring silhouettes. Each of these Jean Dousset designs comes with a complimentary, personalized engraving and a secret “hidden” stone for you and your person’s eyes only. Resting directly beneath your ring’s center stone, this Signature Stone® is available in the gemstone or diamond of your choice and can symbolize what’s significant to you—from your birthstone to your “signature” color and more.  

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Audrey Solitaire Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

For brides-to-be who believe every classic style looks best with a contemporary twist—meet Audrey, a solitaire engagement ring featuring a sophisticated round brilliant lab-grown center diamond surrounded by a hidden pavé halo underneath for a modern touch. Available in a 18K white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum setting, this solid-band round brilliant style is a balance between modern and minimal. 

Shop Jean Dousset’s Chelsea lab diamond engagement ring.


Chelsea Solitaire Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

Meet a bold rendition of Chelsea, our best-selling engagement ring, which features a round brilliant cut center lab diamond and three rows of pavé. The ideal design for brides-to-be who place tried-and-true timeless style above everything, this sophisticated Jean Dousset engagement ring is available in 18K golds (white, rose, or yellow), platinum, and multiple two-tone gold options (rose gold and yellow gold).


Shop Jean Dousset’s Alyssa lab diamond engagement ring.


Alyssa Seamless Halo® Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

An innovative design featuring Jean Dousset’s signature Seamless Halo® prong-less setting, this Alyssa ring features a round brilliant lab diamond center stone surrounded by delicate diamond pavé—not only encompassing the center stone but the band, too. Like all Jean Dousset engagement rings, Alyssa is available to personalize in your choice of 18K white, yellow, or rose gold, in addition to platinum.


Shop Jean Dousset’s Chelsea Three Stone lab diamond engagement ring. 


Chelsea Three Stone Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

If you’re a fan of subtle romance and looking for a unique take on the round cut engagement ring, then consider Chelsea in this three-stone engagement ring rendition. Handcrafted with two heart-shaped side stones enclosing a round brilliant lab diamond center stone, this ring features classic style and unmatched craftsmanship with a tapered solid band and your choice of precious metal (available in 18K rose, white, yellow gold, and platinum). 


The search is just getting started—your options are endless. Explore our full selection of round cut engagement rings.