Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: April 28, 2023
Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023


Every year, we all turn into expert event planners so the moms and mother figures in our lives are given the chance to truly relish in rest and relaxation on their special day. A bouquet of her favorite roses? Already picked up from the florist. Brunch reservation? Locked in a month ago. After all this time, strategizing the perfect Mother’s Day is something you almost can do with your eyes closed… Enter: the stress-inducing question that holds you back from fully finessing your Mother’s Day flow. What do you get for the woman who has just about everything? Worry no more, because our 2023 Mother’s Day Gift Guide is here.

At Jean Dousset, we’re fluent in not only exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable taste and service, but also in the “language” of the mom you’re shopping for. Offering luxury jewelry handcrafted with designer lab diamonds unsurpassed for their quality and perfection, Jean Dousset is the best place to discover that special, unspoken something. Explore our highly curated Mother’s Day gift guide of iconic lab diamond designs — all of which are perfectly packaged, returns- and exchange-friendly, and availble now with secured and insured delivery. 



The Minimalist Mom is always on the go and never, ever late. She leans into simplicity (as an aesthetic preference, yes, but also for the sake of her sanity): her capsule wardrobe evokes the same “less is more” energy as her approach to skincare (12-step routine where?) and her email inbox (clutter-free). So it only makes sense that her interpretation of luxury is equally uncomplicated.

Subtle, effortless, and classic, Minimalist Moms are bound to fall in love with designs like our 18K white gold Audrey Inside Out Huggies: a jewelry-box staple for adding a glint to her daily hustle. For Minimalist Moms who prefer solid metal over pavé, our La Petite Round Brilliant Studs and La Petite Round Brilliant Pendant are both timeless 18K yellow gold designs.

Audrey Huggies

Mini Round Brilliant Studs
La Petite Round Brilliant Pendant




Smart. Sophisticated. Slightly scary, but in the best of ways — that’s the Maximalist Mom for you. She’s a liberated woman who knows not only what she wants, but what she deserves, and, most impressively, how to get it on her own terms. Maximalist Mom was raised to believe she is That Girl, and so she empowers her daughters to believe that they, too.

And while it may seem like Maximalist Mom has it all, saying “no” to certain luxuries — specifically world-class designer diamonds — just isn’t in her nature. So go ahead and surprise her with our 18K yellow gold Chelsea Tennis Bracelet, featuring a stunning total carat weight of 13.0. Or, treat her to some of our white gold Chelsea silhouettes, including our beloved, statement-making Chelsea Inside Out Hoops, available in both 32mm and 45mm designs. (Psst! They’re best-selling for a reason.)

Chelsea Hoops (45mm)

Chelsea Tennis Bracelet
Chelsea Hoops (17mm)




Whenever you think of the Mom-To-Be in your life, an image of her wearing colorful spandex and a cape usually pops up, too — because she manages to handle the curveballs of life so effortlessly that it’s borderline superhuman. But there’s one thing Mom-To-Be doesn’t have down just yet: her cool. And what soon-to-be new mom would?

New motherhood can be an overwhelming journey, both physically and emotionally. It only makes sense that the Mom To Be might be anything but calm and collected right now, so gift her a thoughtful push present that symbolizes the maternal love she’ll provide — like our 18K rose gold Eve Heart Tennis Bracelet or Eve Heart Tennis Choker. For a diamond cut that’s more traditional yet still as graceful as the Eve Studs, our rose gold Audrey Huggies, with a U-pavé setting, are a classic yet still-symbolic reminder that the journey of motherhood will always be worth it. 



Eve Heart Tennis Bracelet

Eve Eternity Band
Audrey Huggies


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