4 Fun Stay At Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in 2021

Published by: Jean Dousset Published on: January 26, 2021
4 Fun Stay At Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in 2021

Every cloud has a silver lining. Even though the pandemic’s bright sides are far and few between, ongoing social-distancing orders have given us all the opportunity to embrace creative ideas to spend quality time at home with the ones we love this Valentine’s Day. So, whether you’re hunkered down with your special someone on February 14, or hoping to celebrate with your friends on Single Awareness Day, we’re here to help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day fête that’s pandemic-friendly and cupid-approved with 4 fun stay at home Valentine’s Day date ideas in 2021.

Valentine’s day date ideas if you live with your significant other: celebrate with a romantic stay at home date

The most meaningful date-night ideas aren’t necessarily the most extravagant ones. When it comes to romance, it’s the thought that counts. This sentiment is especially relevant this Valentine’s Day, as classic go-to Valentine’s Day date ideas—like catching the latest Nicholas Sparks flick over a large popcorn at the movie theater, enjoying a nice dinner at your favorite KBBQ spot, or unwinding with couples’ massages—aren’t exactly social-distancing-friendly.

However, this year is the perfect excuse to embrace your crafty side at home and swoon your partner with romantic, at home date ideas they never saw coming. For instance, if you and your boo’s favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day is dining out, turn your home into a candle-lit, five-star restaurant: prepare your favorite meal for two; create menus showcasing the courses of the evening; whip out your best china this Valentine’s Day and set the tone by wearing your favorite date-night outfit.


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Couples whose shared love language is movie-going can create a private film screening at home from the comfort of their living room—all you need is your TV or laptop, your trusty couch, and your favorite rom-com. We’re especially big on this idea, since it gives us a reason to watch any romantic classic at home on Valentine’s Day. Before Sunrise for the five-hundredth time, anyone?

Other fun stay at home Valentine’s Day date ideas include romantic ideas you can enjoy with your live-in partner at home, include paint-and-sips (tutorial versions are available on YouTube); sensuous DIY spa nights (complete with bubble baths and oil massages, of course); or board game competitions (for the competitive-at-heart).

Valentine’s Day date ideas for a crush who lives in a different household: Host the perfect Zoom date

Although it may feel like Valentine’s Day in 2021 is impossible to properly celebrate without enjoying the presence of your person in person, don’t get discouraged—because there’s a ton of ways and creative ideas to share the love at a distance, while hanging out at home. While it’s officially common knowledge that apps like Zoom and FaceTime allow you to connect with loved ones during quarantine times at home, you might find yourself asking, “Okay, but what, exactly, can we do to make this virtual date as fun as a real-life rendezvous?” But don’t knock video dates until you try them—in fact, many popular Valentine’s Day date ideas can be easy refashioned into video form.


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Looking for date ideas for fans of arts and culture? During this Valentine’s Day and beyond, virtual museum tours offered by Google Arts & Culture and The Louvre are exciting ways to bond over iconic masterpieces from all across the globe (and don’t worry—you can admire the art from as close to your computer screen as you want). Likewise, music and theatre lovers will also find plenty of live concert streams of their favorite artists on Instagram Live and YouTube. You can even throw it back in style this Valentine’s Day with vintage recordings of classic concerts, such as Queen’s 1986 Wembley Stadium show, or the Metropolitan Opera’s rollout of performances on-demand.

However, keeping it simple on Valentine’s Day is always a great idea for lowkey couples looking to celebrate at home, or even those just getting to know each other. After you and your S.O. are done with your usual WFH routine, toss on your favorite cocktail dress and bold lip for a drinks date at home. Another fun stay at home Valentine’s Day date idea is for both of you to mix your favorite beverage and enjoy quality conversation over video chat—all without worrying about having to order a Lyft home.

Valentine’s Day date ideas to celebrate with your single friends: Kick back and have a streaming party at home

In the words of Beyoncé: all the single ladies, put your hands up, because Valentine’s Day (aka Singles Awareness Day Eve) is for bachelorettes, too. And what’s a more appropriate way to take advantage of your singledom than with your fellow un-coupled girlfriends and a marathon of beloved movies watched at home? Not only is spending Valentine’s Day at home with your friends a great way to express your love and appreciation for the people who’ve been with you through thick and thin, but a socially distanced Valentine’s Day movie party is totally reminiscent of our favorite kind of nostalgia: staying up late at sleepovers, binging on greasy pizza, and drooling over ‘90s Paul Rudd. For a throwback-inspired girls-night-in, Netflix or Hulu’s watch party platforms are a great way to have a movie marathon at home. Pro tip: the best socially distanced movie nights are ones with comfy pajamas and a glass of wine (or two, or three). Being at home means your bed is just a few steps away.

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Solo Valentine’s Day date ideas: Show yourself some love with a Valentine’s Day focused on self-care

Yes, we’ve all been doom-scrolling for a year straight, now. But every day that we get caught up in anxiety-inducing news and ideas, we’re also investing less time in ourselves. That’s why in 2021, on this Valentine’s Day, give yourself a chance to step away from the phone or TV and express gratitude for yourself: because you’ve made it through a lot this past year.

Simply reducing your screen time (or shutting off altogether) on Valentine’s Day is a quick and easy way to hone-in on more mindful activities at home. And while this technique is an effective form of self-care for people who naturally gravitate towards the news, workaholics can also find this tactic useful; when you commit to going offline, there’s no way to compulsively check your email, hop on last-minute conference calls, or feel stressed about the blurred lines between work from home and being at home.

If technology isn’t your vice, there’s still numerous Valentine’s Day date ideas at home that are all about celebrating you. Ladies who are into all things meditative should start their mornings with activities centered on reflection and awareness, such as yoga, guided meditation, or journaling. You can also end the evening with an equally calm vibe by treating yourself to a DIY spa night in honor of Valentine’s Day: draw yourself a bubble bath, embrace that 10-step Korean skincare routine you’ve been dying to try, and enjoy your favorite bedtime tea while diving back into that page-turner you’ve been obsessing over.

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Athletic and nature-loving ladies should also consider starting their self-care Valentine’s Day with activities they consider meditative. A few ideas include a 7:00 am run or at home Pilates session, which are great ways to get your endorphins flowing as soon as your day begins. Hikes, bike rides, a walk on the beach, or solo picnics in the park are all open-air activities that outdoor lovers are sure to love.

But, when in doubt on ideas to spend your day of self-love, don’t hesitate to do what makes you happy on Valentine’s Day—whether that’s getting active, detoxing yourself from technology, or simply watching Sex and the City for the millionth time and falling asleep by 8 pm. After all, no matter if you’re single or taken, everyone needs a day dedicated to self-care—so this Valentine’s Day, do you.

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