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    Introducing Vanessa


    Introducing Vanessa

    Engagement rings are a very peculiar exercise in jewelry design. The ring is symbolically and practically extraordinarily demanding yet its design is restricted to the utmost simplicity. It needs to be the absolute expression of timelessness. It is the only ring or piece of jewelry for that matter that you will never consider not wearing, no matter the time, the place or the occasion. It needs to blend seamlessly regardless of  the evolution of your fashion or the trends….for decades. Its sentiment is closely tied to your life and your relationship. It has a unique story and is the memory of a moment in time. As much as most want for their engagement ring to be different, it can only be unique through small and thoughtful details. I thought of the “Vanessa” design as I was trying to make the center stone ever more visible while private. Each thin arched wire is handset like an atrium to reveal its graceful and precious occupant.  Featured News Article – Introducing Vanessa



    vanessa-engagement-ring-round-cut-diamond-front vanessa-engagement-ring-craftsmanshipVANESSA RB 4