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Masterful Craftsmanship

We stand behind our craftsmanship and offer a complimentary lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects. The artistic details of our iconic fine jewelry designs come to life through our dedication to craft and quality.

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Visionary Elements
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Seamless Halo®
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Pure Artistry

Discover our Craftsmanship

Visionary Elements

Every piece is designed from a three-dimensional perspective, based on the precise measurements and unique contours of the center stone.

From our low profile silhouettes to the “hidden halo” of our best-selling Chelsea design, Jean Dousset engagement rings are custom crafted to maximize brilliance and beauty. Engagement ring settings include a hidden Signature Stone® placed underneath the center stone, for your eyes only.

Seamless Halo®

Incomparable to any other halo in the world, our signature “prongless” setting is as exquisite as it is unique.

An exclusive Jean Dousset design, our Seamless Halo® optimizes surface brilliance. A low profile setting creates a harmonious flow between the ring’s stones, to seamlessly reveal the center stone’s crown from above and the depth of the stone from below.

Pure Artistry

From the precision of touch, to the methodical process in which we create every piece of jewelry, we’ve never been shy about a meticulous approach to flawless design.

Masterful Technique

It is the unexpectedly intricate details that make Jean Dousset jewelry look and feel uniquely beautiful. Not only are the stones we work with handpicked, so are the artisans we trust to bring each vision to life.

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