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Best Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts: Luxury Jewelry Gift Ideas She’ll Love

Mother Playing With Baby On Beach
Pretty mixed-race woman standing at the beach and cuddling her cute baby daughter.

We’ve got high hopes for Mother’s Day. While we all deserve to pat ourselves on the back for making last year’s Mother’s Day special for the ladies we love, despite the pandemic, this time around, we’re looking forward to treating our favorite women in all the ways they deserve.

Whether you’re relaxing with your grandma in her backyard, taking your godmother to brunch, or dropping off a surprise gift at your older sister’s house, this Mother’s Day, there are so many ways to appreciate the moms and motherly figures in your life. After the chaos of last year, this particular Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat them to something extra personal. Jewelry gifts are the gift that stands the test of time, is always appreciated, and can be personalized to mom. (Because even the chilliest moms like to be spoiled once in a while.) No matter if you’re spending the day together in-person, or sending love from miles away—here’s our guide to finding the best Mother’s Day jewelry gifts for every kind of mom.

Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts For The New Mom Who’s Celebrating Her First Mother’s Day…

Jean Dousset La Petite Diamond Heart Pavé Ring
Shop Jean Dousset La Petite Diamond Heart Pavé Ring. Priced $1,400.

Mother’s Day is always special. But this is even more true when it’s her first Mother’s Day. So tell the new mom in your life that she’s still killing the whole “new mom” thing and deserves a gift that celebrates her. Your favorite first-time mama sees happiness in all of life’s moments, even in the face of family stress or a hectic schedule. It’s all that endless dedication and strength that makes her so lovable, and you know she deserves a Mother’s Day gift that shines as brightly as her.

Jean Dousset La Petite Diamond Heart Ring
Shop Jean Dousset La Petite Diamond Heart Ring. Priced $980.

Enter: our handcrafted La Petite Diamond Heart Pavé Ring, the perfect piece of casual, easy to wear glamour for her busy life, and the perfect way to say celebrate her this Mother’s Day. This treasure features diamond pavé surrounding a symbolic heart-shaped center diamond that makes this gift extra sentimental. And for new moms who like to keep things more lowkey, our La Petite diamond rings are also available sans pavé.

Jean Dousset VIntage Open Space Initials Rings
Shop Jean Dousset Open Space Initials Rings in Modern Font or Vintage Font. Priced $1,300.

Or for something equally as heartfelt for Mother’s Day, gift the new mom in your life Jean Dousset’s Open Space Initials Rings, available in a Modern Font or Vintage Font. You can select the initials of her child, or something else equally meaningful to her that she can always look down and be reminded of. This adorable ring is customizable in her preferred 18k gold color and complete with complimentary engraving.

Best Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts For The Minimalist Mother Who Lives By “Less Is More”…

We all know at least one minimalist mom who dreams of being BFFs with Marie Kondo, hangs out at The Container Store like it’s a Starbucks, and makes adorable Pinterest-worthy bento-style lunches for her kids every morning. She’s also very passionate about bullet planners and keeping up with the latest organization hacks on TikTok. (You swear she needs to come over to your house to help you finally declutter your scary closet for the first time in ages.)

Jean Dousset Fey Flat Engravable Bands
Shop Jean Dousset Fey Flat Engravable Bands. Priced from $1,100.

So it makes complete sense that you’re hesitant to get her anything at all this Mother’s Day. But even moms who live a minimal lifestyle like to accessorize every once in a while, and when it comes to this mom’s stripped-back vibe, designs like our Fey Flat Engravable Band—offered in both solid metal and twinkling pavé—are sure to be appreciated for their simplicity, beauty, and meaningfulness.

Fey Flat Engravable Band on a Pendant
Shop Jean Dousset Fey Flat Engravable Bands. Priced from $1,100.

Unlike any other piece, our Fey bands unique design showcases the complimentary engraving of your choice on the ring’s side profile rather than its interior, bringing eyes to the custom sentiment that you choose to add. You can opt for the custom engraving in either Jean Dousset’s classic font or your own one-of-a-kind handwriting for an extra-sentimental touch. Starting at $1,100, our Fey designs offer a priceless versatility—when added to a long chain that complements the 18K precious metal of your choice, this band doubles as an elegant necklace pendant.

Mother’s Day Luxury Jewelry Gifts For The Woman Who Already Has (Almost) Everything…

She’s got it all and it’s hard to figure out exactly what’s missing from her life when it comes to gifts. She’s the queen of saying “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” and is always grateful for any gift, big or small.

Jean Dousset Sophia Diamond Eternity Band
Shop Jean Dousset Sophia Oval Diamond Eternity Band. Priced from $9,100.

But, of course, no one really has every single thing, and Jean Dousset’s Sophia Oval Diamond Eternity Band is a brilliant gift truly unlike anything else in her jewelry box, that is sure to be appreciated on Mother’s Day and beyond. This ring can be handcrafted in her preferred precious metal and sparkles at every angle. Most uniquely, Sophia is also personalizable with a custom engraving or Jean Dousset’s signature cut out on the interior of the ring—so you can add a one-of-a-kind message that’s as sweet as the rest of her life and will always remind her of this Mother’s Day.

Jean Dousset Sophia Inside Out Diamond Huggies
Shop Jean Dousset Sophia Inside Out Diamond Huggies, 2.20mm. Priced $4,700.

And, if she’s obsessed with her Sophia ring, she’ll love our matching Sophia Inside Out Diamond Huggies, featuring round brilliant cut diamonds along the earrings’ inner and outer edges. These are jewelry gifts that will be cherished for years to come.

Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts For The Fashion-Forward Mom….

You know who we’re talking about: she’s a total psychic when it comes to predicting trends; her favorite movies are The Devil Wears Prada and both Sex and the City films; she hunts down vintage treasures like it’s her full-time job; and retail is her therapy. Unsurprisingly, her versatile wardrobe is a representation of this guilty pleasure. Ever-expanding, her closet is not only filled with clothes and shoes for any and every occasion, but handbags and accessories, too. So what do you gift the fashionista for Mother’s Day?

Jean Dousset Angelina Blue Sapphire Pavé Eternity Band
Shop Jean Dousset Angelina Blue Sapphire Pavé Eternity Band. Priced $2,700.

When it comes to luxury jewelry gifts, this lady loves classic yet vibrant pieces to accent her ensembles—and that’s why our Angelina Blue Sapphire Pavé Eternity Band is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her this year. A handcrafted precious gemstone ring with three-dozen sparkling blue sapphire gemstones surrounding a gorgeous white diamond, this keepsake will add a subtle yet vivid pop of color to her outfits, whether she’s wearing her favorite cocktail dress or dressed down in her go-to jeans.

Jean Dousset Angelina Pavé Eternity Bands
Shop Jean Dousset Angelina Pavé Eternity Bands. Priced from $3,200.

If the fashionista mama in your life prefers dazzling diamonds over colorful stones, you’re in luck: our Angelina eternity band sparkles in white diamonds, yellow diamonds, and pink diamond pavé, too.

Mother’s Day Jewelry GIfts For The Hopeless Romantic Mom (Who Binged All Of Bridgerton In Three Days)…

Jean Dousset Elle Diamond Heart Necklace
Shop Jean Dousset Elle Diamond Heart Necklace. Priced from $4,700.

Sure, she finished Bridgerton in one weekend, and is probably more obsessed with the To All the Boys films even more than her 17-year-old daughter. But there’s nothing wrong with that, because we can all agree that hopelessly romantic moms are the best kinds of moms—not only because they love romantic comedies as much as you, but because they love love, and have raised us all to appreciate it, too.

And though these ultra-caring moms usually like to be on the giving side of things, they turn to mush whenever their loved ones truly go the extra mile to gift them a special something that’s especially thoughtful—say, an exquisite diamond heirloom from our Elle Collection for Mother’s Day.

Jean Dousset Elle Diamond Heart Ear Climbers
Shop Jean Dousset Elle Diamond Heart Ear Climbers. Priced $5,900.

This radiant array of luxury jewelry gifts includes diamond rings, necklaces, and earrings blends contemporary sophistication with timeless luxury. Each piece is handcrafted with a hidden heart that symbolizes not just the unending love she has for her family, but the love you have for her, too. The collection features a keepsake gift for everyone: our Elle Diamond Heart Necklace and Elle Diamond Heart Halo Necklace are ideal jewelry gifts for stylish moms who want to keep some sparkle close to their heart. Additionally, our Elle Diamond Heart Ear Climbers are a striking statement pair of diamond earrings destined to complement her most celebratory evenings.

Jean Dousset Elle Diamond Heart Eternity Band
Shop Jean Dousset Elle Diamond Heart Eternity Band. Priced from $6,200.

The Elle Diamond Heart Eternity Band is the collection’s most-loved design, featuring a complimentary, personalized engraving, or the option of a complimentary letter cutout that makes this gift extra special for Mother’s Day. Set with a symbolic heart-shaped diamond in its center, the Elle band is as much a treasure as her.


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