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Diamonds by Beauty


Most jewelers focus solely on the 4Cs, simply because it is the basic knowledge most consumers gather and understand. 4Cs are universal diamond trade guidelines that were developed to grade and judge a diamond’s rarity and therefore its price… it does not speak to a stone’s beauty nor its desirability!

While several diamonds will have identical 4Cs as listed on their GIA certificates and an identical price, when viewed side-by-side they will be incomparable in terms of beauty, also known as the “Make”. One diamond will always be more desirable than the others…that ‘s the stone we are looking for.


Beyond the Color and Clarity consideration, the “Make” is the appreciation of the overall diamond’s proportions, facets, luster and scintillation anyone can see. It is essentially the beauty the stone projects and what makes the diamond remarkable and unique, Beyond the 4Cs®.

Diamond cutting is and has always been done by hand and thus remains a true art form. Identifying the best “Make” is a matter of taste, photographic memory and experience… not analytically by its Color, Clarity or measurements.

Diamond by beauty

Traditionally Handcrafted

Our jewelry is designed and crafted from a three-dimensional perspective, based on the precise measurements of your center stone. Our “see-through” designs are crafted to reveal every facet and enhance the brilliance of the center stone, from every viewpoint the ring can be admired. Each of our rings are designed to feature The Signature Stone®, exclusively available at Jean Dousset, and gives another opportunity to personalize your one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring.

We exclusively use Colorless (D-E color) melee (accent stones) on all our jewelry, guaranteeing the most brilliant result. All Jean Dousset Diamonds designs are tradiOonally handcrafted, using century-old jewelry techniques in our privately-owned workshop in Beverly Hills. Custom diamond engagement rings will take approximately 3-4 weeks to be completed. However, we will do our best to accommodate if there is a specific date request.

We believe in Relationships

A jewelry brand is built on its reputation.
Our clients will often tell you about their experience
before they mention their ring.


Starting at $9,400

with a 1 carat diamond center stone

Engagement rings take 3-4 weeks

Handcrafted solitaire design, Nina

Center stone shapes:  Available in all diamond cuts

Pictured with an Oval cut, Emerald cut, Marquise cut, Cushion cut

and a Round Brilliant cut diamond

Choice of Platinum or 18K White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold

Pictured in Platinum, 18K Rose Gold and 18K Yellow Gold

Diamond or gem Signature Stone®

exclusively by Jean Dousset


Truly Unique

Intricate and unexpected details make our jewelry look and feel “unique and different”. Original design elements, some for all to see and others for your-eyes-only, makes each piece all the more personal.



All our prongs curve underneath the center stone to follow the diamond’s depth and finish with a clawed setting minimizing the presence of metal on the face of the diamond.


Luxury is in the Details

Designed from a three-dimensional perspective to display the crown and the depth of your diamond.


Our Craftsmanship

We are passionate about the quality of our jewelry. Our craftsmanship is meticulous and follows the century old traditions of jewelry making.