Congratulations Sebastian and Amanda

Dear Team Jean Dousset,

I just opened the ring box…I am truly stunned and speechless. It is more magnificent and spectacular than I good have imagined!!! My heart races as I type this email from the joy and anticipation I feel! Amanda is sure to hit the roof or potentially lose consciousness (as I feared I might) when I propose. I cannot wait to share that moment with you once it happens.

There are more words that deserve to be said, surely. But for the sake of a short message and a quick notification, I would like to reiterate my gratitude to you all for making this possible. Thank you Jean for your kind hand and expert aesthetic eye in assisting me throughout the diamond selection process. Thank you Angela for your always kind emails and for flawlessly coordinating the delivery logistics. Thank you all.

This has been an experience I shall not soon forget and most definitely always remember! On to the proposal!

Most sincerely,


* * *

Dear Jean and Company,

Thank you! I cannot even being to describe the utter beauty that is my engagement ring. Sebastian has shared with me some of the details surrounding the creation of the design, your conversations, and the outpouring of support you and your colleagues provided to him throughout the process. To say I am grateful is such an understatement. You have been part of a historical moment in our lives that is punctuated by boundless joy. I cannot stop staring at my finger and am truthfully still in disbelief that a piece of jewelry so gorgeous exists. It has not even been a full 24 hours and I have already been stopped in the street and provided with numerous compliments. Your artistry is appreciated and your kindness invaluable.

Everyone should know about the magnificence that is Jean Dousset.

With our hearts,

Amanda and Sebastian

Sebastian and Amanda