Congratulations Michael and Debbie

jean dousset engagement testimonial 2

The experience with Jean Dousset Diamonds was priceless. Jean was both very knowledgeable and accommodating. If you’ve browsed for rings, you’ve most likely dabbled with the 4 C’s to try to get the most value out of your budget. What we later realized is that not all of the same grades are equal. Meaning two diamonds of the same color grades or same clarity grades are different. One may have barely made the cut for the grade and the other may have barely missed the cut for the next grade up. Jean makes this process easy by hand selecting the best loose stones for you to browse in his showroom. You will always be choosing from the best. He truly goes “beyond the 4 C’s” to get you the most value.

Our experience in his Beverly Hills showroom was one to remember. Never have either of us seen so many loose stones in person. It’s one thing to walk in to a store and browse their selection of engagement rings on display or to shop online by inputting your desired diamond specifications, but nothing compares to physically handling and seeing these beautiful stones in person. Being a part of the design and creation of your engagement ring makes it a personable one that everyone should experience. An engagement ring shouldn’t be just a ring. It should be an experience that tells a story.
Everyone’s story is unique and ours was no different. Jean brought this to life in the creation of Debbie’s engagement ring. Using her favorite cushion cut and her desired pave halo, Jean was able to personalize it and incorporate our story. We inconspicuously added a half moon cut signature stone under the gorgeous cushion cut diamond. Only visible from the inside of the ring. The half moon represents my family surname “Moon”. The green represents Debbie’s favorite color, which also happens to be the color of my birthstone. We were looking for a personalized ring that was both current and timeless. Jean brought our vision to life and we couldn’t be happier. Jean’s team worked in a timely manner with frequent updates and the ring was delivered right before our two week vacation to Beijing and Hong Kong, where we would end up getting engaged. Finding an engagement ring should be an experience and this definitely was. From start to finish, Jean and his team were very helpful and responsive. Thank you Jean! We couldn’t be more grateful.

Michael and Debbie, San Diego CA